Trump campaign goes for the jugular with new ad: 'Let them eat ice cream — Nancy Antoinette'

No doubt, NeverTrumps are clutching their pearls over the visceral new campaign ad released under President Trump's imprimatur.  It certainly isn't gentlemanly the way George W. Bush was; it's primal in its attack on Nancy Pelosi and its appeal to class resentments.  It's not the sort of lose-with-dignity approach favored the last generation of the GOP establishment.

But in an era of phony impeachment efforts and special counsel investigations and "blood on his hands" accusations, it is giving back to the Democrats exactly what they have been hurling Trump's way.

It will require only 75 seconds of your life to savor it:

Best of all, it is entirely factual. Clueless Pelosi doesn't understand the way the lockdown is strangling the livelihood of Americans who don't live in $8-million mansions with $24,000 refrigerators.

The  Democrats have been playing class warfare games for a century, even as the plutocracy has become their funders and puppet masters.  They think they have immunity.  They are very wrong.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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