To end coronavirus panic, have every single American wear a DIY mask

I am not a big fan of Dr. Fauci.  As I previously wrote, the 79-year-old has no operational role in the federal response efforts and should be working at home.  Instead, he is desperate for as many media appearances as possible, and each time he shows up, he has a different take on things.  In the latest New England Journal of Medicine, he writes that the Wuhan flu may be no worse than a typical bad flu season, in stark contrast to the panicky predictions he made earlier.  Then he started hiking the numbers later in March but sort of backed down at the next day's presidential news conference.  The sad thing is, he is not a medical numbers or stats expert, but he remains the leading voice keeping the "national lockdown" strategy going, with no end in sight and no ideas to offer. There is a better way.  We can get the country going back to work and back to school this April by having...(Read Full Post)
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