Time for Joe Biden to make a decision on sex abuse allegations

With the pandemic becoming passé, the time has come for former vice president Joe Biden to either fish or cut bait concerning allegations lodged by former Biden staffer Tara Reade.  Pressure is mounting when even staunch party loyalists invoke the  old baseball plea, "Say it ain't so, Joe."  Crickets chirping in the dead of night won't cut it in today's political ballpark.  If Smokin' Joe is poised to take the mound as the starting pitcher for his party, he'd better be able to stare down whoever stands at the plate.  Thus far, he appears to be fumbling around the dugout searching for his glove.

Seated along the third base line are a chorus of fans staring at the empty mound.  Among them are some urging that Joe step up to "tell his truth."  Others are urging that Tara Reade be able to "tell her truth."  For the life of me, isn't there one simple truth to be told?  Either the alleged incident happened or it did not.  When matters so concrete as truth are at stake, why the necessity of subjective personification as a modifier?

Much like Camus's character in the "Myth of Sisyphus," former vice president Biden must shoulder the weight of the task all alone.  The gods will not lift a finger to help.  Nor will he help himself by standing along the sandy beach, looking at the hill before him.  It is a heavy stone he must upward roll, and gravity shows no partiality.  The clock is ticking.

This whole matter may amount to nothing more than a tempest in a teapot if, and only if, Mr. Biden is serving as a place-holder for his party.  As a youngster, I enjoyed the idea of helping my father as he worked on his car in the garage.  Dad would clamp a pair of vise-grips on to the tailpipe while he performed the real work under the hood.  I was convinced that my task was essential (holding on to that tail pipe for all I was worth).  Only later did I come to realize that Dad turned those vise-grips into a free babysitter!  Perhaps the truth is just that simple: Joe as the vise-grip nominee?  Say it ain't so, Joe.  Say it ain't so.

Image: Marc Nozell via Flickr.