There’s more evidence that the ‘Trump made us eat fish tank cleaner’ story is fake

In March, a story broke that a Phoenix man had died and his wife had almost died because they drank fish tank cleaner. Wanda Lenius, the wife, claimed that she and her husband, having heard President Trump recommend chloroquine and knowing that their fish tank cleaner had chloroquine phosphate, drank the cleaner in a panicked bid to protect themselves from the virus. She got sick; he died. The story would ordinarily have been just an oddity, except for the fact that the media excitedly accused Trump of killing people. Within a few days, it emerged that Wanda was unlikely to have relied on Trump’s advice because she was a fanatic Trump hater. I theorized that the story sounded like the plot for an Agatha Christie or Dorothy Sayers murder mystery. Both authors wrote stories in which the murderer ingested a small amount of the poison to avoid suspicion. Consistent with a murder mystery theme, “Techno Fog” did some sleuthing and discovered that Wanda had a very...(Read Full Post)
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