There can never be enough death to satisfy Trump-haters

The left now has a love affair with death.  (All in the name of love, of course.)

So it should come as no surprise that there are Trump-haters out there so deranged that they would prefer millions to die from the coronavirus — even a limitless number in exchange for Trump losing the election in November.

Ami Horowitz interviewed people in the East Village of New York and posed the following question: "Would you go for this deal, that the coronavirus lasts longer and is more severe, but the president guarantees to lose the election?"

Most people in this leftist stronghold preferred a longer and more severe pandemic if it meant Trump would not be re-elected.  Some were fine with a million people dying from the virus.  Others said there was no limit to the number of deaths they would accept if it meant Trump was out of office.

Meanwhile, a teacher in Rhode Island sent a tweet offering to pay people infected with the coronavirus to cough on the president.  The matter is under investigation by the school district.  I've yet to find any report that the Secret Service is involved.  What is up with that?!

And Jim Acosta is apparently so confused about the difference between death and happiness that he accused the president of engaging in "happy talk" at press conferences.

Happy talk?

The president has been talking about illness, the health care system in some regions of the country stretched beyond capacity, and tens of thousands of Americans dying while he organizes the government and private sector to work at breakneck speed to ease the suffering.  And Acosta thinks that’s "happy talk"?

All in a day's work for the left.  What a sick bunch of folks.

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