The way to punish China for letting its virus loose on the world

The entire world is suffering from the Chinese coronavirus.  No objective observer can deny with a straight face China's guilt in this matter despite the blizzard of propaganda being put out daily by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to contrary. This has prompted numerous suggestions — herehere, and here — that China should be forced to pay reparations for releasing this plague on the world.

Aside from money, China critic Gordon Chang has another thought.  He wants Chinese leaders to be subjected to a Nuremberg-type trial for that country's crime against humanity. 

As justified and satisfying as these ideas are, they will not come to fruition.  But that does not mean that the West is powerless to make China pay.  The most effective way is for the West, especially the U.S., to decouple China from its markets, economies, and societies.  Does that sound harsh?  Perhaps, but it is necessary.  China has proven six ways to Sunday that it is a cancer that will poison any society it is allowed to infest.  History shows that the Chinese lie and cheat on every trade agreement, they steal technology and trade secrets with abandon, and they corrupt the politics of other countries.  Look at America.  The Democrat Party and media act as if they are occupied territory of the CCP.  Such is the power of money.

Right now, although China has inflicted a plague on the world, the Chinese are trying to profit from it by supplying shoddy medical goods to desperate countries.  Soon, the Chinese will also be looking to buy up Western countries that have been beaten down as the result of the Chinese coronavirus.  To show that the globalists have not soured on China, look at the United Nations.  Incredibly, that world organization has just appointed communist China to a panel on the U.N. Human Rights Council.

One has to believe that despite self-serving pleading from Wall Street and the big international companies that are invested in China, America will start this decoupling process once the virus has burned itself out, especially if Donald Trump wins re-election and has a Republican Congress behind him.