The trust deficit

Lack of trust contributes to increasing anxiety and rage sweeping across the country along with the virus.

Do we trust China?  Do we trust WHO?  Do we trust the media?  Do we trust the money in the relief bill will get to the right people and that widespread corruption won't emerge?  Do we trust the "experts" advising the president?  Do we trust the president?

We don't trust China.  I hope, when the time is right, President Trump and other world leaders will determine how best to exact a heavy price for the hell China unleashed.  The WHO, which followed Chinese propaganda that there was no person-to-person transmission of the virus, has forfeited any credibility it may have had.

Sadly, most of the media also fall into the no-reason-to-trust category.  Ever since Trump announced his first run for president, the media have been working 24/7/365 to take him down.  The coronavirus has become the latest platform toward that end.

That is not to say the virus is not worthy of extensive coverage.  But so much of the reporting is funneled through a TDS machine that spits out one report after another that paints Trump, and his administration, in a negative light.

Despite all Trump has done, and continues to do in the face of this unprecedented pandemic, the media have had eyes only for the problems, the oversights, the flaws, never offering praise, thanks, or acknowledgment for the tireless work and, more importantly, the monumental accomplishments this administration has achieved in record time.

Meanwhile, as the gargantuan relief package kicks in, suspicious things are bubbling to the surface as small to medium-sized manufacturers who make parts for ventilators express concern that the big companies who make them are outsourcing to (wait for it) China.

As for the "experts" advising the president, like many others, I have misgivings about Dr. Fauci.  I believe we lost the time we gained when Trump shut down the border to China because Fauci promised a test and then didn't deliver.  And we waited and waited, and things stalled out.

As for President Trump, he had the right instinct early on when he closed the border, but then he failed to continue to be aggressive, perhaps because he received erroneous guidance from the "experts," with Fauci in the most prominent role.

For all of Fauci's credentials dealing with pandemics, one would think he could have anticipated that by the time we realized that the coronavirus had hit our shores, the virus had seeded itself all over the country.  How could he possibly have thought it had made its way to only one nursing home in one city in one state?

These are troubling and uncertain times.

Pray for the president, that he can see the right path through as he threads this needle.  May he be healthy, safe, and surrounded only by those who have the country's best interest at heart.

Graphic credit: Pixabay.