The Trump-haters are chronically addicted to their rage

"Shame was an emotion he had abandoned years earlier. Addicts know no shame. You disgrace yourself so many times you become immune to it." 
― John Grisham

As anyone who has been watching the daily press briefings about the virus knows, the duplicitous non-journalists in the room are not one bit interested in actual facts or any good news about the virus, hydroxychloroquine, or medical equipment supplies, or any other information that may be gleaned about the administration's war against this flu.  They are driven only by their hatred for this president, who has risen to the challenge as a true leader.

President Trump put the medical and scientific task force together early on, when the left was paying attention to and reporting only on the impeachment.  He banned travelers from China when the Democrats and media called him a racist for implementing the ban, and he started screening passengers from all over the world.

We see the reporters' ill mannered disrespect throughout the mainstream media, network television, on CNN and MSNBC.  No one can miss the truth of the left's plan: we can use this virus to destroy the economy and the country, and that will be the end of Trump.

But it won't.  A majority of Americans can see for themselves that he has handled this crisis like a pro at problem-solving.  Trump is exactly that — a problem-solver,  no matter the magnitude of the problem. 

Then there are the foaming-at-their-mouths Democrats in Congress: Nancy Pelosi, as VDH wrote, has thoroughly disgraced herself over the past many months, from the Kavanaugh hearings to impeachment to her stunt at the SOTU to her push to load up the relief bill with regressive, authoritarian pork.  She is truly a vile, evil person.  So is Schumer.  So is Schiff — to name just a few. 

Like the perpetually deranged Maxine Waters, they are addicted to their own rage, and like any addict, the drug destroys the addict who is dependent on it.  It is eating away at them like an opioid addiction.

The Democrats have been reduced to hurling ridiculous accusations virtually blaming Trump for every death from the virus when he was on the case long before any of them was paying any attention to it.  The timeline is what it is.  

The left suffers from a dearth of character.  Since Trump became president, leftists have exhibited and rationalized their toxic dependency on cruelty to those they abhor — Trump and his supporters.  It is a near certainty that millions of Americans who admire and respect the president's leadership have not only lost life-long friends, but been viciously and personally vilified.  This addiction to hating Trump has destroyed not just friendships, but families. 

Many observers have noted over the last three years that the D.C. establishment crowd loathes the man because he is an outsider, not a member of their elite club of self-appointed bosses of the rest of us.  Despite Trump's phenomenal success in business around the world, he was never more than a reality show host to them.  The left rarely looks beneath the surface of any issue or person.  Leftists rarely for a moment doubt that their view is the only correct view and assume without consideration that anyone with a different perspective is a moron.  Simple as that.  They never question their certainty that they are the best and brightest.

So, when Donald Trump beat their oh, so corrupt candidate in 2016, they suffered paroxysms of anger and rage.  They have always had contempt for the Americans between the coasts.  No one made that clearer than the tone-deaf Michael Bloomberg with his admitted disdain for farmers.

The furious and frenzied left found treatment for its own epidemic of sudden-onset psychosis by banding its members together in unity to bring the man down.  They descended into the gutter that is social media to vent their outrage.  The Russia collusion hoax was a bust, and so was the impeachment fantasy.

CNN and MSNBC began and continue their full assault on the president 24/7.  It is pathetic.  They ignore or twist any and all facts that deviate from their narrative.  They spew provable lies all day long and call it news.  No wonder their ratings are so very, very low.  Truth is hard; it's propaganda that is cheap.

The former media giants like the NYT and WaPo, mere scraps of what they once were, are similarly addicted to their own rage and so publish hateful distortions of the truth day after day.  A marquee New York Times columnist called the virus Trumpvirus!  They attacked Trump for his travel ban on Jan. 31.  They refuse to acknowledge that he assembled the task force immediately thereafter. 

Governors like Cuomo were wholly unprepared (Cuomo refused to purchase ventilators, choosing to invest $750M in solar panels instead) and blamed the president for their own failures.  These Democrat governors are apparently not familiar with the Constitution or the founders' creation of federalism.  Governors are in charge of their states, and the responsibility for preparedness lies with them.

Trump masterfully got up to speed to fill the gaps in the states and the sorry state of medical mask supplies left by the Obama administration.  He brought all manner of private corporations on board.  He has accomplished what no other leader could have or would have up against such an event.  He has surrounded himself with experts and advisers, and he listens to them.

The left went berserk when he talked about the possibility of hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment.  Now that it is proving to be effective, the left is still nonsensically attacking hm for "pushing" it!  He never pushed it; he mentioned it and was hopeful.  The piteously ignorant Mika Brzezinski thinks Trump must have a financial interest in the drug, which has been around since before he was born and is inexpensive, and other deranged leftists from Sonny Hostin to the New York Times join in the innuendo.

The nonsense emanating from CNN and MSNBC is appalling.  The Trump presidency has exposed the sheer idiocy of the political, bureaucratic and media classes.  They have succumbed to their addiction to rage against the Trump machine and it has rotted their brains as surely as meth rots the brains of meth addicts.  And it has reminded all Americans who our true heroes are – all the doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and all first responders, truckers who are still getting essentials to us, and the clerks and staff at our local markets.  These are the people on whom we all ultimately depend upon and they have all risen to the task.  

We have learned just how irrelevant the Nancy Pelosis Joe Bidens and Chuck Schumers truly are. Trump knew this when he chose to run for the office; he knows exactly who makes this nation function and it is not the political class.  And that is why he won.  His supporters know he recognizes and supports them.

“The greatest fool is not the person who has been fooled by the lies of others, despite how crafty and ingenious those lies might have been. Rather, it is the fool who has lied with such amazing dexterity and subtle finesse that he himself has come to believe his own lies. And this is the most forlorn and yet the most dangerous person that I can imagine.” 
― Craig D. Lounsbrough

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.