The press's bias against Trump over COVID-19 is skewing out of control

The media are really going off the deep end as coronavirus news saturates the airwaves and press.  They're now trying to attach this issue to their favorite hobbyhorses pre-COVID-19. The problem is that they are claiming things that just aren't true. Take the Associated Press and the news outfits that run their pieces. First off, there's the title of this AP article, which was either the AP's headline or the headline of the station that ran the piece: "Trump campaign Team targets Democrat Advantage with People of Color." When will journalists recognize that white is a color? The first paragraph, definitely written by the AP, says it all: For the majority of people of color who believe Donald Trump is a racist unworthy of reelection, the Republican president can point to Alice Marie Johnson. I wonder why the majority of black Americans and Hispanics could possibly think the president is...(Read Full Post)
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