The press's bias against Trump over COVID-19 is skewing out of control

The media are really going off the deep end as coronavirus news saturates the airwaves and press.  They're now trying to attach this issue to their favorite hobbyhorses pre-COVID-19.

The problem is that they are claiming things that just aren't true.

Take the Associated Press and the news outfits that run their pieces.

First off, there's the title of this AP article, which was either the AP's headline or the headline of the station that ran the piece: "Trump campaign Team targets Democrat Advantage with People of Color."

When will journalists recognize that white is a color?

The first paragraph, definitely written by the AP, says it all:

For the majority of people of color who believe Donald Trump is a racist unworthy of reelection, the Republican president can point to Alice Marie Johnson.

I wonder why the majority of black Americans and Hispanics could possibly think the president is racist.

Could it be that for the last four years, most of the media and other Democrats have called him a racist?

Could it be that he has been called a racist for enforcing immigration laws that Congress passed?

Could it be that the press continues to twist and lie about what Trump said at Charlottesville after a protest incident, all to gin up racial hate and division against Trump?

Could it be that they called the China ban and Trump's characterization of the virus as the China or Wuhan virus racist? 

Could it be that anyone, including a teenage white Christian boy who wore a MAGA hat, who supports Trump gets called by the press "racist"?

The press, in fact, is constantly using the term "white privilege" to gin up racial hate and division while pretending it is for unity.

The media and other Democrats have been playing the race card for decades to keep blacks and other minorities voting for them and to keep those people dependent on government instead of giving them opportunities to move up the economic ladder. 

People who disagreed with Obama's policies were constantly called racists. 

The fictional "hands up, don't shoot" narrative was used to gin up racial hate and violence against white cops.  How many cops were killed because of that fake narrative?  People who said "all lives matter" instead of "black lives matter" have been called racists.  How many lives are journalists willing to destroy just to put Democrats in power?

Then, to return to the AP piece, there is this paragraph!

Recent polls show that a majority of Americans agree that Trump's response to the outbreak has been too slow.  

 It's more tale-bearing — the telling of things that just aren't true from this press.

I wonder why the majority of Americans say Trump acted too slow in addressing the virus.   

Could it be that every day, that is what most of the media and other Democrats regurgitate even though the WHO said in mid-January that the virus could not be transmitted human to human and Dr. Anthony Fauci said as late at Feb. 29 that COVID-19 wasn't that dangerous in the U.S.?  The first death in the U.S. from the virus was around Feb. 29.

Yet Trump acted on Jan. 31 to put in the travel ban, which experts say saved lives, a month before Fauci said the virus wasn't dangerous.  At the time, the Democrat talking points were that the travel ban was xenophobic, racist, and an over-reaction, which most of the media agreed with. 

Over a month later, when the virus became more serious, the talking points changed for the media, entertainers, and other Democrats that Trump reacted too late. 

A little while later, out came the race card as more blacks died because more blacks had significant contributing health problems. 

Shouldn't people wonder why, after Democrats have kept blacks poor and dependent on government-run health care, blacks are more vulnerable to the most harmful effects of COVID-19?  Doesn't this show that government-run health care is not the solution the Democrat talking points say it is?

Summary: Basically, most of the media just regurgitate Democrat talking points to mislead the public to push the radical leftist agenda on climate change, taxes, race, immigration, abortion, or the virus and then take a poll with questions that match the talking points, and, surprise, a lot of the time, they get the results that match the indoctrination of hogwash.

That's all it is, if that.  But as Abraham Lincoln once reputedly said, you can't fool all of the people all of the time.  At some point, this must stop.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of public domain logo.