The left's new hysterical narrative? Testing! Testing! Testing!

Having essentially lost the narrative on their "blame Trump" for every death, the Democrats and their media droids have this week settled upon the lack of sufficient testing with which to castigate the president.  They would never call out the bureaucrats of the CDC, which dropped the ball throughout the Obama years, or the NIH, or the NIAID for Fauci's failures to be prepared for a pandemic.  No, they have all leapt on the bandwagon to blame Trump for every death, every perceived failure of the federal government to stop a virus unleashed on the world by the actual biggest threat to the world, China.

Nancy Pelosi was positively ghoulish on Fox News Sunday.  She denied exacerbating the virus in San Francisco, when late in February she was encouraging her constituents to join in her city's Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations.  The woman is the Wicked Witch of the West.  With her fancy kitchen appliances and her freezer full of $13-a-pint ice cream, she is enjoying her vacation.  She appears to be relishing the destruction of the economy that Trump had so successfully energized.  She is refusing to go back to D.C. and vote on an additional bill to save small businesses.  She does not give a damn about the 22 million people suddenly unemployed; she thinks this crisis can only benefit her party and her power. 

She is as senile as Biden if she thinks this ploy will work.  She is fast becoming the Joker of American politics.

Scrolling through the leftist news sites and the cable and network Sunday news programs, noting the insolent questions the not-journalists ask at the briefings, it is abundantly clear that the latest prescribed attack on the president is TESTING!  They all think they will get away with blaming Trump for a lack of testing for a virus no one knew was coming, thanks to China, so there were no tests for it at the snap of anyone's fingers, least of all Trump, who most likely believed that institutions like the WHO; the CDC; the NIH; and Fauci's crib, the NIAID, were doing their jobs with the billions of dollars doled out to them.

But they were not doing their jobs.  They had all succumbed to the whims of the social justice warriors.  Race, class, and sex topics had superseded the subjects of their research.  It is these institutions that were transformed into nothing more than campus grievance organizations during the Obama administration.  They had all neglected the primary reasons for their existence and taxpayer funding, most of which has been wasted for years and years.

The president has massively stepped up to the plate as no other president would or could have, given the circumstances.  But the Democrats, embarrassed by their own governors' failures to prepare for such a crisis, Cuomo of N.Y. being the worst offender, have obviously agreed on a single line of attack this week: the president is to blame for the lack of tests for the virus, as if he were responsible for the work of the CDC, the WHO, the NIH, and Fauci's organization.  No one with half a brain believes that the failures of those Deep State associations can be blamed on Trump.  Now they are all just trying to cover their behinds; they all know they dropped the ball.

Those who are attacking the president over testing likely know nothing about what is involved in developing a test for any virus, let alone an antibody test.  Everyone knows by now that the computer models promoted by Fauci, Birx, and others were fantastically exaggerated, yet the economy was brought to a full stop based on them.  Has Fauci or Birx taken any responsibility for the gross errors of the models on which they recommended closing up all American businesses?  No, neither has.

Trump's handling of this crisis has been phenomenal but for listening to the alleged science experts.  He likely figured out weeks ago that he had been misled and knows that the shutdown of the economy has already done far more damage than the virus.  His advocating that people get back to work is welcome news, but the left is apoplectic; leftists want the misery to worsen in the belief that it will bring about Trump's defeat in November.

The Trump-hating American left has lost any sense of decency; these people are rooting for the virus.  The more deaths they can blame on Trump, the happier they are.  Now they've put all their eggs in one basket: testing, as if every American life now depends on a test.  We know from the Stanford test that many more people test positive who are asymptomatic.  We know that of those most seriously afflicted, nearly all have one or more other medical conditions that put them at risk, just as the seasonal flu puts such people at greater risk.  We know that hospitals all over the world are chalking every death up to COVID19, no matter what the cause of their demise. The numbers of deaths blamed on this virus are vastly inflated. While it is different and it can be lethal, it is no more lethal than heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, drug overdoses, deaths by car accidents, etc. If actual yearly numbers are meaningful, it is far less lethal than any of those causes of death.

So, as with every issue the left sets out to control, the prescribed narrative is dictated from the top, whoever that is at this moment in time. It used to be the Clintons. Perhaps it is now the Obama clique. Maybe it is George Soros. Whoever it is, the prescribed word of this week is "testing." It is doubtful that any of those people using the word as an assault understand the science behind their mindless charge. They get their talking points; they don't bother to research the facts or science, and then excitedly spew their nonsense every chance they get. Our media is the enemy of our own nation; CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT, WaPo, LAT, etc. They are all willing to see the American economy destroyed if its destruction will take Trump down.

If this virus has made anything crystal clear, it is that the left is by nature authoritarian. The mayors of NY and LA are calling for people to snitch on, even photograph, people who don't properly self-distance. This is the stuff of the old Soviet Union; that is what the American left has become. We should all celebrate those people around the nation who are protesting the imposition of virtual communism on us all. The human race has survived many pandemics over millennia. It will survive this one as well. What is distressing is the cheerleading for it on the left.

Testing at this point is nothing more than this week's leftist talking point. These media whores think they are a Trojan horse with the sneaky power to take over our constitutional republic.

That's not going to happen. They will forever be known by the company they keep.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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