The left's 'listen to the science' mantra is growing old. Trump listened, and that's the problem.

One of the left's standard attacks on the president is that he doesn't listen to the science!  Sadly, he did listen to the so-called experts who predicted wildly hyperbolic death and destruction, and he agreed to the economic shutdown.

"An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field." —Niels Bohr

The president surely realizes by now that he should have operated on his gut instincts, which rarely fail him.  Dr. Fauci, for example, sees no patients.  He looks at computer models, all of which were wrong.  Dr. Birx probably has more hands-on experience, but she too recommended closing up the nation. They were wrong.

Governor Cuomo was wrong when he whined that he needed 40,000 ventilators and thousands more hospital beds.  Trump provided everything he demanded, but none of it was needed.  Cuomo has no common sense and sent COVID-positive patients into nursing homes rather than the Navy hospital ship or either of the two other Army-engineered field hospitals.  This one order caused the deaths of fragile elderly people.  Cuomo's handling of the crisis in his city has been disastrous on every front.  His state was the least prepared for such an event after bragging that New York was ready.  It was not.

At every press briefing on the pandemic, the scientists to whom Trump has been listening have presented their data upon which the president has relied.  But the numbers extrapolated from their models were all wrong.  And now this mass hysteria that has brought the American economy to a full stop is devastating millions and millions of Americans.

Our Democrat politicians and the members of the media who show up at those briefings uninformed, aiming only to entrap the president, haven't missed a paycheck or lost a dime.  The millions of small businesses that have been shut down, many of them permanently, do not seem to enter their minds.

They have embraced this virus as though they've won the lottery; it's another crisis they mean to exploit in every way possible.  Their essential talking point?  Blame Trump and claim he is ignoring science.  That they think they are convincing anyone with half a brain would be amusing if it were not so deadly serious.  Oh, they are convincing the uninformed, the headline-readers, but our media are well and deservedly loathed by all thinking persons. 

So invested in concealing the actual science, YouTube took down a fascinating press conference held by two doctors in California about what they are seeing in their E.R.s.  Their science was declared "misinformation" by the powers that be at Google/YouTube, and they removed it because it deviated from the official talking points of the WHO.  You can still see it here.  Google/YouTube pretends that what the WHO says is legitimate when we and they surely know it is not; it is China that controls that institution.

We are perilously close to losing the rights guaranteed by our First Amendment: speech, religion, and assembly.  Zuckerberg is upfront about wanting the government's approval of censorship of anything with which it disagrees — which means anything remotely conservative.  The Atlantic magazine has virtually become a voice of China's Communist Party, as has Bill Gates.  It was his Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) that provided the models on which Drs. Fauci and Birx advised the shutdown of the country.  So much for science.  Pelosi throws the word around with abandon as if her party's assertions that Trump has ignored it will stick.

But all those Americans who have been watching the briefings know that the opposite is true; it is the science that has been faulty.

"Do you know what we call opinion in the absence of evidence? We call it prejudice." —Michael Crichton

It's time for all the governors who care about their citizens to put an end to the lockdown.  The longer it stays in place, the more permanent damage is done.  It will turn out to be the biggest national mistake in U.S. history, thanks to "the science."  President Trump needs to go back to trusting his own good instincts, for they are more dependable than the faulty science that has undergirded this fiasco.  The fatalities are not very different from the seasonal flu last year or the year before.

"That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence." —Christopher Hitchens 

Trump banned flights from China after only one death here and was eviscerated for it.  But that single act probably saved thousands of Americans from becoming ill with the virus.  The shelter-in-place orders were very likely ordered in error, not just because of inflated computer models, but for the science of immunity.  It may be setting up all those who sheltered to be vulnerable once released from their house arrest.  Immunity always is derived from exposure, from letting our immune systems prepare for the inevitable attacks from countless viruses that surround us. The doctors from California were stating what George Carlin had to say in his 2009 comedy act on germs.

No doubt most of us have learned by now that doctors around the country are being pressured by their hospitals to classify any death throughout this event as a Covid death, no matter how many or how serious their underlying conditions may have been and, in some cases, even if they have not been tested for the virus. Not very scientific to pad the number of deaths; suddenly few are dying of heart disease, diabetes, pneumonia, stroke, etc. Many of those who have passed away during this pandemic will most likely be counted as a Covid death. That is due to politics – more deaths for which to blame Trump — and financial; hospitals receive more money for every Covid death.

This will all soon be over, but the lockdown should never have been put in place and should be over today. Those most vulnerable to the illness should remain quarantined but they need not be isolated from their families if basic precautions are observed.

This has all been a very unscientific scam, an avenue for the left to institutionalize their socialist agenda, to destroy the ability of millions of Americans to support themselves and their families. Make them dependent on the government. Control what they can say publicly and online. This is all the stuff of fascism, not science.

President Trump rose to this occasion, confronted the ludicrous CDC and FDA regulations that initially prevented unapproved labs from distributing tests. The bitter media tried their best to undermine the use of hydroxychloroquine simply because Trump mentioned it as a possible cure; it is one of several. The same media trashed every study that proved it is very viable cure. It is the media and the Democrats who reject or ignore any "science" that conflicts with their political agenda.

Graphic credit: USAF.

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