The House of Representatives fails at Mask Wearing 101

The House of Representatives is back in session and it's practicing social distancing and mask-wearing.  Sort of.  The lack of seriousness the House members are showing toward these matters tells us either that they know something we don't or that we Americans have elected some really dim bulbs to make laws for our country and manage the budget.

As America's coronavirus pandemic enters its twelfth week (if one counts from President Trump's January 28 order increasing airport screenings) or its seventh week (if one counts from March 1, which is roughly when Democrats stopped belittling President Trump's efforts to protect Americans), the country has divided into two narratives.  The Republican narrative is that we've successfully flattened the curve so that it's time for America to get back to a cautious normal to prevent economic collapse.

The Democrat narrative is that we're all going to die unless the virus is completely wiped from the face of the Earth, so the nation's shutdown needs to continue indefinitely.  The only thing the Democrats don't want to see shut down is the government.  Across America, at federal, state, and local levels, politicians and government workers continue to hold their jobs and get their salaries.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi finally left behind her San Francisco ice cream stash and agreed to recall the House of Representatives.  They need to authorize cutting checks for those workers and businesses suffering terrible economic harm thanks to the nation's fealty to the Democrat narrative.

Ostensibly, the House is observing social distancing rules and many members ostentatiously wore masks to show how serious they are.  At least, that was supposed to be the House narrative: "This is serious stuff and we, America's public servants, are suffering just as much as the rest of you, masks and all."

What House members seem to have forgotten is that the C-SPAN camera never sleeps.  Caleb Hull caught up with footage from the House and provided photographic evidence that House members are either a lot of morons who have no idea how to wear masks or they know something we don't (presumably, that the virus is not the deadly killer the early models showed it to be).

I freely admit that, with a few high-profile exceptions (Maxine Waters, Jerry Nadler, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Alexandria Occasional-Cortex, Debbie Whatshername-Schmutz, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib), I have no idea who these people are.  I suspect that many, if not most, are Democrats.  All of them are making a mockery of what ordinary Americans are being told to do:

Nancy "let them eat ice cream" Pelosi deserves special opprobrium for her conduct:

There's something very off about this whole Wuhan flu crisis, and I say this without in any way denying that it's a nasty disease that, like the flu, mows down the old and the vulnerable, and catches some unlucky healthy, younger people in its wake.  However, we've flattened the curve, doctors and scientists are figuring out how to treat the virus, we've learned that hundreds of thousands of Americans have almost certainly already had this virus, and we've seen that Sweden has had roughly similar mortality rates without destroying its economy.  It's the icing on this peculiar cake that our political class, especially the Democrats, is not taking seriously the same restrictions that Democrat politicians insist must govern all Americans into the indefinite future.