The Guterres wish list

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres says he wants the world to donate 10% of world GDP toward fighting the coronavirus in the developing world. He goes on to talk of all the socialist platitudes the world needs to adopt, which this new money would promote.

You have to wonder how stupid this man thinks we are in the United States. Such a multi-trillion-dollar fund would only fill the pockets of corruptocrats the world over, especially in Africa and the Orient, and by far the biggest part of it would come from the United States.

Said to have the world’s second-largest economy, China knows what happens to money given to the UN -- it just gets parceled out among a cabal of dictators who burn it up on lavish living, fancy cars, and personal jets. The Chinese will just hang onto their dough for their own dictator. After all, they can claim with wounded humility that they, too, are still developing.

Then there’s the fact that the only countries capable of actually doing something about the virus are America and Germany, with help from Asians who have trained in American and German universities. The labs where they do this work get support from their own pipelines and don’t need someone else’s probably dirty money with its political demands on how it’s to be used.

That’s all in addition to the difficulty in these times of raising such amounts. The world economy has taken a heavy hit already from this virus and banks aren’t likely to have the liquidity to support such a drain on resources. Pretty near everybody is in hock up to their necks with nearly all loanable capital in the needed range already obligated.

These facts are evident to anybody who watches what’s going on, yet Guterres pitches his plan before the UN anyway. We can guess the script from here: Donald Trump turns it down, the world ignores it, liberals cry havoc and let slip the dogs of slander.

That, after all, is all they know and what they do best.