The greatest worry of most journalists and other Democrats is not the virus, it is that Trump might win re-election

The media worry a lot about President Trump being successful in saving lives and rejuvenating the economy.  One would think they would cheer for that result, but they are not.  They have great consternation that Trump might win this fall. They've tried to take Trump down for over three years with lies about Russian collusion.  They tried to take him down based on a phone call when Ukraine got the aid Congress voted for.  They have continually tried to block his policies with leftist judges.  They have endlessly predicted and hoped for a recession.  Then they had hope that the virus and recession would take him out, but now they are worried that won't work, either.  They have even trotted out old reliable congenital liar Adam Schiff, who wants another investigation.  Maybe he could start with Trump's early ban on travel from China and Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, and others calling that ban racist,...(Read Full Post)
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