The economic shutdown of America: 'When the system fails, righteous men will rise up'

The lefties are melting down over the decision by some governors to begin re-opening their states to the business that is their lifeblood.  They are enraged by the people around the country who are protesting this ongoing shutdown of the economy.  As usual, they are calling them racists, Nazis, etc., the same-old, same-old epithets they hurl at everyone who supports the president and the Constitution. They have no sympathy for the horrific damage this lockdown is doing to millions of Americans: small businesses, the restaurants we love, the shops we patronize in our neighborhoods, or the countless other industries it has hobbled.  They feel nothing for the millions of families who work hard and live paycheck to paycheck. Our media scolds and the Democrats in Congress who are all living large despite the shutdown are so quick to condemn those people who want their lives back that it boggles the mind.  It is as though the left has been...(Read Full Post)
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