The economic shutdown of America: 'When the system fails, righteous men will rise up'

The lefties are melting down over the decision by some governors to begin re-opening their states to the business that is their lifeblood.  They are enraged by the people around the country who are protesting this ongoing shutdown of the economy.  As usual, they are calling them racists, Nazis, etc., the same-old, same-old epithets they hurl at everyone who supports the president and the Constitution.

They have no sympathy for the horrific damage this lockdown is doing to millions of Americans: small businesses, the restaurants we love, the shops we patronize in our neighborhoods, or the countless other industries it has hobbled.  They feel nothing for the millions of families who work hard and live paycheck to paycheck.

Our media scolds and the Democrats in Congress who are all living large despite the shutdown are so quick to condemn those people who want their lives back that it boggles the mind.  It is as though the left has been stripped of the ability to feel empathy, let alone sympathy.  They are proving themselves to be as hardhearted as the thugs who ran the former Soviet Union.

A few of these state and local dictators are even promising rewards to snitches who report any neighbors not properly social distancing.  What has become of this country?

Clearly, we are divided between an authoritarian left lusting for the power to control a compliant population and a freedom-loving, Constitution-revering right who sees this shutdown as a leftist power-grab, the virus an opportunity to exploit. 

How do we explain this bitter divide?  Since President Trump was elected, the left and the media have not stopped trying to destroy the man and his presidency.  They are relentless, and they are vicious.  They lie, cheat, and malign every moment of every day.  As Trump re-energized our economy, they attacked him.  As unemployment fell to the lowest numbers in decades, especially for blacks and Hispanics, they refused to acknowledge he had accomplished a thing.

For years before he ran for the office, Trump had been raging against the unfairness of our economic submission to China.  He was right, and once elected, he set out to even the playing field.  He negotiated the new USMCA, the trade agreement among the U.S., Canada, and Mexico that put an end to NAFTA, that Clinton deal that devastated American workers.  But the left has bitterly opposed everything this president has accomplished, no matter how beneficial it has been to our citizens.

He's drastically reduced the illegal immigration that the left loves and encourages.  The left opposes voter ID; of course it does.  With voter ID, leftists can't cheat nearly as easily as they so regularly do.  The left opposes any and all limitations on abortion, even post-birth.  Gov. Whitmer of Michigan even said that "abortion is life-sustaining."

The chasm between the left and right in America today is deep and clearly defined.  The left loathes America as founded.  The right loves America as founded. 

The left divides people by race, class, and sex; it gives no thought to character.  Leftists favor criminals and illegal aliens over native citizens.  The right cares nothing about race, class, or sex and values character above all and honors the law.

How can anyone watch or hear Nancy Pelosi or Adam Schiff and not know that both of these people profoundly lack any character or moral sense at all?  A majority of the American people can clearly see that Donald Trump is an infinitely more caring and compassionate person than any Democrat now serving in Congress, all of whom have dedicated themselves to one thing, one thing only: defeating and destroying this president.  From the moment he was elected, they set aside any concern or duty to their constituents unless it is to render them dependent on the government.

So it is no wonder that Americans all over the country are fighting back against this obvious attempt to crush the economy, to keep crushing it so the left can regain power and install its version of communism.  Make no mistake: that is what leftists have in mind, though they will call it by some euphemism like "democratic socialism."  They plan to implement controls over us all, to regulate us to death, to redistribute wealth, to use the hoax of climate change to monitor how we all live, and to take our guns.  They are following in the footsteps of Stalin, Hitler, and Mao.  They hate all of the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.  More Americans than ever are beginning to realize what the left means to impose on this nation and they are beginning to rise up and fight peacefully, as is their right. 

There is a line in the last episode of the newest Bosch series, season six, available online on Amazon Prime.  The context would be a spoiler but the quote is profound: "When the system fails, righteous men will rise up." The system is failing us right now, despite Trump's prodigious efforts to correct our course. Anyone can see that he supports those Americans protesting their governors' most extreme orders that so ridiculously impede normal life. He is encouraging all governors to liberate their people.

The left has made it clear that any form of liberation is not on their agenda. They love this state of affairs. AOC celebrated the crash of the oil market. (She may be the dumbest person on the planet, and after others pointed out the catastrophe she endorsed, she deleted the tweet.)

But the people are rising up because the idea of suddenly being governed by seriously flawed computer models and deep state operatives is infuriating. It is the left that wants to prolong it, perhaps for the eighteen months that Zeke Emmanuel recommended! The country would be like Venezuela, with no economic activity for that long. The people want to be free to get back to work. They want their kids to go back to school. What they do not want is an imperious class of rich Democrats like Nancy Pelosi telling them they must shelter-in-place for another day, let alone another week.

The American left has become not just an opposition party but an enemy of America. Righteous people must rise up to defeat them.