The early coronavirus victims will save our economy

Because of COVID-19, we are in social isolation.  We all wonder when this will end.  The isolation is moving the unemployment rate to Great Depression level.  This makes us question if all of us must be in quarantine.  Eventually, most of us will be infected.  We feel sorry for those who die from it, but those who survive will have antibodies against the virus.  These people are protected and need not isolate themselves.  Their chances of being reinfected are low.  They can physically rejoin society in relative safety.  This means that people can trickle into the physical workforce.  How quickly will this happen?  On 7 April 2020, we had about 30,000 people in the United States infected that day.  At that rate, we will all be exposed in 30 years.  I do not want to wait 30 years to get back to normal. We can count on herd immunity to save...(Read Full Post)
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