The coronavirus modellers are saying even North Dakota needs to stay locked down until July?

The University of Washington's all-important Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IMHE), which is those people who are bringing us all of these garbage-in-garbage-out coronavirus "models" that are killing our economy, is now saying the new safe opening date for North Dakota is July.
According to the latest statistics I can find, North Dakota has had 15 deaths attributed to COVID 19 in the last two months, based on state data.
North Dakota is a remote, sparsely populated, spread out state, well beyond the heavy urban centers where the coronavirus has exacted a heavy toll.
I found that around 6,000 people die in North Dakota every year or 500 per month.
So this group of supposed experts that wants to destroy the lives, wealth and income of tens of million of Americans, wants to keep North Dakota closed because of fifteen deaths (1.5% of total deaths) and most of those deaths are older people who have multiple morbidity risks.
A lot of people are acting like we need to prevent all deaths before reopening. It is a shame they want the whole economy to collapse. We know why they're doing it, too -- so everyone is dependent on government.
These supposed experts have been massively wrong on all predictions. They should not be trusted. They all have an agenda.
IMHE was founded by Bill and Melinda Gates. Does anyone wonder if Bill wants the entire economy shut down? I see where he just bought a $47 million ocean front house just north of San Diego in tony Del Mar, just as he lectures that the oceans are rising rapidly because of humans, CO2 and oil.
He's made his pile, is it impossible to wonder if he's decided that maybe one else needs to make theirs in this economy, too? Sometimes that's the only thing you can think.
It's a load of hooey. Get the economy and people working. It is a shame that most of the media just repeats what they are told and lectures others with no questions asked.
Image credit: Pixabay public domain
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