Coronavirus has changed our perception of risk

Once the pandemic is over, will you want to jump right back onto a crowded cruise ship?  Neither will many others.  The reason is that we now perceive cruise ships as being more risky than we did before.  We've all seen the news reports of quarantined ships with passengers forced to sequester in their rooms for weeks at a time.  Even if the risk of another pandemic is very low, why subject yourself to that risk at all? The world is now a riskier place than it was before.  This changed perception of risk will have a long-lasting effect on the global economy and on small businesses in particular.  And much of the increased risk is not from the disease itself, but from the unprecedented government lockdown. Lenders will look at businesses to see how they would fare under a similar pandemic lockdown.  At the least, any borrower will have to put forward a plan of action in case another pandemic...(Read Full Post)
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