That baleful presence of Eric Holder eyeing the coronavirus as a means to win Democrats' permanent power

Eric Holder is back.

But instead of helping out on the coronavirus crisis as an ethical person might do, his wheels are spinning for using the crisis as a means of attaining permanent Democratic Party power.

The far left former Obama administration Attorney General got an item out on Medium, calling for the skeezy practice of universal mail-in voting, claiming the Wisconsin primary during the crisis was some kind of unspecified travesty:



Thanks for the concern-trolling for Republicans, Eric. We all know how sincere it is. 

Calling for mail-in ballots, online registration, same-day registration, ballot-harvesting, and month-long extended voting periods, all of which are petri dishes for election fraud in that most break the chain of custody to any number of interested players, some break secret ballot, and others can be manipulated by partisan hacks based on known ongoing tallies, Holder writes:

By refusing to move the election or provide adequate alternative voting options as they dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic, Republicans used their gerrymandered majorities in the Wisconsin legislature to force an impossible choice on the people they are supposed to represent: forgo your civic responsibility and stay healthy or cast a ballot and endanger yourself and your community. It remains unthinkable that health care experts would tell citizens that social distancing is a necessity to combat this virus and then politicians forced them to congregate in large groups and wait in long lines to vote. Poll workers afraid for their health did not show up.

Which is nonsense. People stand in grocery lines all the time, socially distancing by six feet. Somehow, Holder thinks voters can't master that in an election situation where lines are usually considerably shorter.

NPR of all outlets reported that Holder's travesty claims in Wisconsin were garbage, the public network reports that Wisconsin turnout in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic was steady and high.

The ballot harvesting, borrowed from Mexico's "perfect dictatorship," the 70-year ruling PRI party, famous for its corruption and socialism, goes on a lot in the U.S. these days already, the camel's nose is already under the tent. Fraud plagued California is the main example, but it also goes on in states with large Latin American-descended populations, by seamy [political operatives known as boliteros and politiqueras, who make sure to bring home the bacon for their party as such flying monkeys are commissioned to do. They are often union thugs, coming to people's houses, standing over them, (we know where you live) pressuring them to vote the way they want them to vote, even if they don't want to vote that way, even if they are illegal and don't want to get into trouble.

Or else.

All of this is part of the Democrats' plan for using the coronavirus to fundamentally transform America. California's Gov. Gavin Newsom said as much about the coronavirus couple weeks earlier.

Now Holder's grabbed the football and is running with it, making an end to normal voting a fundamental part of the Democratic Party platform. It goes with their other offensive that I described earlier today, which is encouraging a flood of illegals, with PRI (or worse, Chavista) values into the country, and then changing the secret ballot voting system from one-man one-vote to an extended harvest mechanism, extended over a long period, with zero verification of who actually cast the ballot, and a broken chain of custody, allowing for all manner of fraud that Democrats view as beneficial.

Never let a crisis go to waste, to paraphrase Democratic operative Rahm Emanuel. Holder is one baleful presence. No matter what the crisis, all he can see is new ways to extend Democratic Party power. 

Image credit: AFGE, via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 2.0



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