Sweden and the coronavirus: a lesson in media spin

All the rage in the news of late is the “failure” of Sweden’s coronavirus policy. Sweden thus far has adopted a moderate, targeted approach. They prohibit visitations at nursing homes, gatherings of more than fifty people, they have closed high schools and colleges, and the government has recommended  that people voluntarily stay at home where possible. Restaurants, bars, parks, playgrounds, and elementary schools remain open. As evidence of Sweden’s “failed” response, the media persistently harps on the number of deaths in Sweden. On the surface, it sounds valid… until you realize that the same stories deliberately cover up the most important statistic of all: the number of confirmed cases per capita. This is the vital statistic when comparing the spread of the virus in Sweden versus other nations. You rarely hear this statistic because it directly contradicts the establishment’s predetermined agenda (blast Sweden because they...(Read Full Post)
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