Sunday Schadenfreude: No way out for Democrats stuck with senile Biden as #MeToo allegations cannot be suppressed

Democrats have painted themselves into a corner with Joe Biden now the presumptive nominee.  I see no easy way out of the mess that has been created by assembling a coalition of mutually antagonistic grievance groups, while simultaneously assuaging the oligarchs that fund the party and usually call the shots behind the scenes.

 Now that Tara Reade has credibly accused Joe Biden of sexual assault with far more evidence than was brought against Justice Kavanaugh, they are stuck. The hysteria unleashed against Kavanaugh can’t be forgotten, even though dishonest hacks like Mazie Hirono keep their yaps shut and don’t even whisper “Believe all women,” and even though propaganda outfits like CNN have done their best to keep news of the accusations from the public.

You see, the Bernie bros still have their delegates, and still chafe at the way the nomination is being denied to their hero.  Should Biden withdraw, they will insist that Bernie take his place. They are true believers and will not be persuaded by the argument that defeating Trump calls for them to sacrifice their dream of a Marxist president.

They will not shut up about Ms. Reade’s complaints, and are pointing out the embarrassing contrast in the way her evidence-supported accusations are being treated and the blizzard of coverage given to the evidence-free accusations of Christine Blasey-Ford. They are the reason that even CNN and CBS News have finally covered the Reade accusations,  

Should Biden’s candidacy be deep-sixed, the Bernie bros are not about to sit by and watch it be handed to Andrew Cuomo, the current poster boy for the Dem establishmentarians. Cuomo has no delegates and isn’t a Marxist. They have already in the past threatened to burn Milwaukee if the convention spurns them, and I doubt that Cuomo would be acceptable over their guy, who actually campaigned for president and won delegates.

 The wages of identity politics are strife among identity groups. The Democrats have nobody but themselves to blame for the pickle in which they find themselves.

Photo credit:YouTube screen grab

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