South China Morning Post gives insights into globalist thinking

Two columns from the South China Morning Post give insight to the thinking of globalists.  Before beginning, a word about the SCMP.  It's a Hong Kong English-language newspaper owned by Alibaba, a Chinese multinational technology company.  The first column is by Robert Delaney.  He's appalled by President Trump's America First agenda and claims that when the Wuhan flu pandemic is over, the U.S. will be isolated from its friends.  Delaney writes of a recent Trump speech: Both parties must unit to ensure the United States is truly an independent nation in every sense of the word, he [Trump] intoned, noting that the US is "energy independent" and must focus on "manufacturing independence, economic independence and territorial independence enforced by strong borders[.] This is written at a time when the U.S. is dependent on China for over 90 percent...(Read Full Post)
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