So Trump was right all along about medical equipment 'going out the back door'

A couple days ago, Democrats and their media allies had a full-blown Victorian gentleman–style cow when President Trump merely raised the question of whether New York hospitals, which are short on personal protective equipment, might be victims of medical equipment "going out the back door." Perfectly legitimate question, and doubly so in light of the anecdote he spoke of from a hospital executive. They all harrumphed umbrage, in unison. A sample: No evidence for Trump's suggestion that masks are 'going out the back door' of New York hospitals -NBC News De Blasio: Trump’s suggestion face masks are being stolen is ‘insulting’ -Politico Cuomo and New York hospitals reject Trump's claim masks 'going out the back door' -ABC News Trump could help solve the mask problem. Instead he’s making baseless attacks on New York nurses. -Vox Trump blames hospitals for mask and ventilator...(Read Full Post)
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