So Trump was right all along about medical equipment 'going out the back door'

A couple days ago, Democrats and their media allies had a full-blown Victorian gentleman–style cow when President Trump merely raised the question of whether New York hospitals, which are short on personal protective equipment, might be victims of medical equipment "going out the back door."

Perfectly legitimate question, and doubly so in light of the anecdote he spoke of from a hospital executive.

They all harrumphed umbrage, in unison. A sample:

No evidence for Trump's suggestion that masks are 'going out the back door' of New York hospitals -NBC News

De Blasio: Trump’s suggestion face masks are being stolen is ‘insulting’ -Politico

Cuomo and New York hospitals reject Trump's claim masks 'going out the back door' -ABC News

Trump could help solve the mask problem. Instead he’s making baseless attacks on New York nurses. -Vox

Trump blames hospitals for mask and ventilator shortages -Washington Post (and note that the original headline, since modified, stated 'bizarrely blames').


'Insulting' Frontline Health Workers, Trump—Without Evidence—Accuses Hospital Staff in New York of Stealing Protective Gear -Common Dreams

Oh, spare us.  Here's the latest news from WNBF in upstate New York affirming exactly what Trump was saying:

One Cooperstown hospital employee has been charged and more arrests are possible in connection with the theft of medical supplies during the coronavirus pandemic.

Authorities say 33-year-old Josie Wright of Morris has been accused of stealing face masks and alcohol prep pads from Bassett Medical Center.

According to the Otsego County Sheriff's Office, Wright was a contracted employee at the hospital. She was arrested Monday morning and ordered to appear in Otsego town court.

Human nature being what it is, it's not ridiculous to ask whether some people will attempt to monetize desperate situations for their own personal gain.  That's why corruption exists; that's why a black market is there.  It happens everywhere; there is no reason not to think hospitals are not exempt, even as we generally praise medical staff right now, and even as most really are heroic.  To say one profession is exempt from bad guys is ridiculous, and now we know that yes, there are mask thieves taking supplies "out the back door" and causing tremendous havoc and distress.

Trump's statement sounds exactly like the kind of wariness that a hotel executive steeped in real-world realities would have by raising questions about internal theft, which can have steep consequences for a business even without a crisis.  It's not unreasonable to think his own experience drew his curiosity about missing equipment in that direction, given that hospitals should have equipment after his swift actions.  The left is trying not only to throw mud on Trump for asking, but also to push a narrative about Trump being incompetent and unprepared, which isn't true.  Long ago, I used to work as a private detective in San Francisco for clients exactly like Trump, and my exact job was to find what was going "out the back door" at places like hotels, airports, and hospitals, working undercover.

Trump, it turns out, was right all along.

And it's worth noting that Cuomo in particular, who was one of Trump's loudest critics in this, less than a month earlier was openly complaining about thieving hospital personnel for exactly the same thing.  Here's what he was saying on March 6.

People are stealing masks and other medical equipment from hospitals, New York Gov. Cuomo says —CNBC

So Cuomo knew about this stuff all along before he put on his outrage mask?  Can you say "hypocrite"?

Image credit: YouTube screen shot, Guardian News.