Right firing, right reason: Trump was right to get rid of Michael Atkinson

Doing the Friday-night news dump, while attention is in any case focused on the coronavirus, President Trump moved to get rid of the Intelligence Community's inspector general, Michael Atkinson. That's the guy who changed the rules to accommodate the so-called whistleblower, to file his whistleblowings about President Trump's phone call with the president of Ukraine, handing them over to Adam Schiff's House Intelligence Committee staff, planning it all out beforehand, in order to open the gates to impeachment.  Until Atkinson came along, a whistleblower needed to have firsthand knowledge of official wrongdoing to file, not water-cooler talk from fellow malcontents in the Deep State trying to come up with some way to Get Trump.  The fact that the likely whistleblower, CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella, was able to file such charges with nothing more than disliking Trump as his motive is precisely why the impeachment bid failed against the...(Read Full Post)
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