Remember the government shutdowns? Funny how we don't see those same sob stories about lost paychecks now

Whenever the threat of a government shutdown looms, Democrats and their media allies give us daily doses of how devastating such a thing will be on "non-essential" government workers.

Then they go into overdrive when a shutdown actually occurs: wall-to-wall sob stories giving examples of government workers supposedly harmed even though, everyone knows, those employees will soon be paid.  They essentially have a paid vacation.

Now, after weeks of the intentional destruction of the private sector with tens of millions of jobs lost, with businesses and families being devastated and having no idea how they will feed their families and themselves, there are few of those same sob stories, despite real hardship, and here is what we get instead:

If a Republican governor wants to open a state's businesses, we get attack pieces saying he wants people to die.  It's as if the media were acting as a major participant in encouraging the U.S. to commit economic suicide.  For decades, they have sought to weaken the U.S. and remake America.

If most of the media had an honest bone in their bodies, instead of an agenda, they would report that states that did not have a complete shutdown, or stay-at-home orders, had as good results or better results than states that put in the tyrannical, dictatorial orders.  They would say there is no proof that the stay-at-home orders and harsh measures caused the flattening of the COVID-19 curve.  It appears that most of the flattening has occurred naturally, same as with the normal flu.

They would also report that the original junk projections of hundreds of millions of cases and millions of deaths, that scared the heck out of everyone, appeared to be pulled out of thin air and were not based on any credible scientific facts.  You wouldn't go to the moon on projections of this quality.

I know how we can get most journalists, entertainers, and other Democrats to begin supporting the reopening of America instead of encouraging the continued destruction of people's lives, especially the poor, minorities, and the middle class, whom they just pretend to care about:

Just deem Planned Parenthood non-essential and shut it down until all non-essential businesses can open.  They would have a collective cow, but it would also have the beneficial effect of saving lots of young lives, especially lives of people of color, and Democrats always say saving one life is worth it.  The number of lives snuffed out by Planned Parenthood facilities dwarfs those who have died or will die from COVID-19.

Think of this, because exercise facilities of all sorts, which save a huge number of lives by helping prevent obesity (a major contributing factor to COVID-19 deaths), remain closed because they are deemed non-essential.  Yet Planned Parenthood facilities, which make the bulk of its money killing human beings, is deemed essential.

For the last four years, most media outlets, entertainers, and other Democrats have been predicting and rooting for a recession to take out Trump.  They have tried and failed to take out Trump with continuous false stories and investigations such as Russian collusion, and they certainly can't win by running on their unpopular, destructive, radical left agenda, so keeping a country in a deep recession or depression is their best chance to get their power back.  That is all they really care about.

For decades, the Democrats' policies have sought to make more people dependent on government instead of giving them opportunities to move up the economic ladder and achieve wealth and independence.  What a pathetic goal!  They also have wanted to make rich people poorer instead of making poor people richer, another pathetic goal.

They also can see that whatever level of competence Biden once had, it is gone, and he would be completely incapable of handling a pandemic or any other crisis at this time.

Get the economy open!  The projections that shut the country down were pure garbage.

If people want the U.S. to survive as a great country, to have economic opportunities, and not to be destroyed by Russia, China, Iran, or any other adversary, there is only one choice for president in 2020, and he is the one who has been under continuous attack by campaigners for the Democrat Party who only pose as journalists.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of public domain sources.