Regarding China, Trump has been right every step of the way

Since Wuhan virus became a "thing" in America, the media have abandoned any pretense that they are honest news brokers.  At CNN, they've made themselves into news.  During the press conferences, reporters don't ask Trump questions aimed at eliciting information for the American people.  Instead, they ask only questions they hope will harm him.  And because Trump triumphs, they want to censor the press conferences.

The media have therefore turned most of the current narrative into a battle between pro- and anti-Trump people on the question of whether Trump responded in a timely and appropriate fashion as news about the Wuhan virus unfolded.  Lost in all of this is the fact that Trump warned America a long time ago that China is a dangerous actor.

K. Walker has stepped into this vacuum with a list detailing the seven things that Donald Trump has gotten right about the Chinese.  Here's just some of Walker's first item in the post, which is the fact that Trump has long known and stated that "China is a threat."

When Donald J. Trump began his campaign, one of the things that ticked off the leftist globalists the most was that he was very critical of the American relationship with the Chinese Communist Party. He was called xenophobic and a conspiracy theorist for saying that China was taking advantage of the trade relationship.

It turns out — he was right.

China is a threat because the Chinese Communist government has ambitions to be THE global superpower rather than just a global superpower. They have a massive standing army. But that's not all — they have sent spies to steal tech from Western nations, they've used tech to spy and track people around the world, they are currency manipulators, they own our debt, and they use their bizarre status as a "developing nation" to gain benefits that other countries would never qualify for — from environmental regulation to deference from international organizations. Much of the rest of the world wants to have a good relationship with China — our own Media(D), Hollywood, and even the NBA are willing to cave to China's demands and ignore their atrocious human rights records just for a shot of those sweet, sweet Chinese dollars.

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Walker isn't the only one suddenly realizing that things could have been much worse if Trump hadn't spent the last three years trying to straighten out 48 years of mis-dealings with China.  Andrew Klavan was first a NeverTrump and then a reluctant Trumper.  Proving his intellectual honesty, last week, Klavan wrote an article that deserves attention: "The Unbearable Rightness of Trump."  The article is behind a paywall, but here's how it starts:

During the Republican primaries of 2015, I played a funny supercut of Donald Trump on my podcast. I had misjudged Trump then, fearing his flaws too much and appreciating his talents too little. The supercut put together all the times and tones in which he had said the word "China," and backed it up with a jazzy bass. I found it hilarious.

Well, it was hilarious. But Trump was right about China. Right that its behavior was unprincipled and dangerous. Right that our trade imbalance with them represented a power imbalance that they could abuse. He was right about China when the Democrats and their press were distracting the country's attention with trivial Russian trolling. And he was right to engage them even though the Wall Street Journal types screamed like a girl in a horror movie over how his "trade war" might affect their portfolios.

Do you remember Trump's inaugural address when he spoke about the "American carnage" of closed factories and unemployment that was already causing an epidemic of deaths by despair? He was right about that, too. Right that it required attention when every Democrat and his pet journalist said it was "dark" to mention it. Right that it could be fixed when Barack Obama said it couldn't. And right that it was a matter of policy when conservatives said he was interfering with the magic of global capitalism and, anyway, those lazy, oxycontin-chugging crackers kind of deserved it.

He was right that globalism could not thrive without a strong self-defending nation state, because nations are not just economic structures, they are also moral entities and some (like China) are wicked and some (like us) are good and deserve favor.

If you can, read the rest here.

The Wuhan virus has certainly had a clarifying effect on the issues that affect America.  Trump was right about China, about open borders, and about the dangers of America's lawless leftist urban regions.

Trump is imperfect, but he's so much better than Hillary would have been and better than Biden ever could be.  The Democrat party owes too much to China ever to disentangle us from that dangerous nation.  Trump is his own man, and, having seen his foresight and adaptability, he sure seems like the best bet to keep us safe in dangerous times.

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