PBS implies beloved humor icon may have died of coronavirus when that could not be the case

Lots of people and institutions have an ideological and financial stake in hyping panic over the death toll from the coronavirus.  The CDC has even admitted to fudging so as to maximize the reported death toll.  But nothing other than the loss of a loved one brings home the impact of the virus more than observing a beloved public figure who passes away due to the Wuhan flu. Mort Drucker may not be a household name, but for many people like me, he was a key figure in the formation of the modern version of humor as the most prominent illustrator of Mad Magazine, the first periodical that I ever subscribed to.  Here he is seen autographing the 400th edition of Mad at a gala 20 years ago: Photo credit: Gustavo Morales. Mort was such an icon that George Lucas chose him to illustrate the movie poster for his iconic film, American Graffiti: Via New York Times. Yesterday, Mort passed away at the age of 91 owing to...(Read Full Post)
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