Our social media overlords have plans to stifle any Wuhan virus dissent

In the modern marketplace of ideas, if you're a private citizen with a message you want to disseminate, the way to do that is to place your message on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or any other internet outlet in which the American people provide the content.  No reasonable person can challenge the fact that these outlets monopolize people's ability to spread information and ideas.  When outlets such as Facebook and YouTube try to block ideas or information about protests, they are just as bad as any tyrannical government. That there are several corporate different entities that offer Americans the ability to talk to each other does not change social media's monopolistic nature because all of the companies pull in the same harness.  They are guided by and employ people who have identical cultural and political values, among which is the belief that all ideas that do not harmonize with theirs must be stifled.  They are ideological...(Read Full Post)
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