Our incurious media

In light of the media's (faux) outrage over President Trump's musings about therapeutics for the coronavirus, a few reminders seem in order.  I hope it won't trigger any "journalists."

Snake venom is under serious investigation as a cancer treatment.  (Ew!  Gross!  No way) (herehere)

And speaking of cancer, chemotherapy involves putting potentially lethal toxins into the human body.  (What?!  That's insane!  We can't do that!) (here)

Meanwhile, stool transplants are used for some patients with antibiotic-resistant clostridium difficile, which involves introducing the stool from a donor into the colon of the sick person.  (Are you crazy?  Can someone please remove the madman who came up with this idea from the room?!)  (here, here)

There have been face transplants for those whose faces have been destroyed from accidents and burns.  (Come on.  You can't put the face from a cadaver onto another person.  That just won't work.) (herehere)

Sometimes, tragically, we remove limbs or other body parts to save a person's life.  (How barbaric!  This isn't the 16th century!  We don't cut off body parts to save people!) (here)

Modern medicine still uses medieval-like interventions, such as leeches and maggots.  (Don't be stupid and disgusting!  Arrest whoever is peddling these ideas!) (herehere)

I could go on and on.

Our incurious, lying propagandists in the media appear to have little knowledge of or respect for the long history of science and medicine that has brought us to where we are today.

But of course, this group of pitiful hacks have no comment when mentally ill individuals dump dangerous levels of hormones into their systems and mutilate their genitals in order to claim they have become the opposite sex.

With rare exception, the media in America are a vile and dangerous group of folks who are doing serious harm to our country.

Graphic credit: YouTube screen grab.

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