One heck of a dishonest report from CBS's 60 Minutes on the medical mask shortage

CBS, the network that brought us the crying nurse with mental health issues who didn't understand hospital procedures and the two, count 'em, two, video instances of Italian hospital mayhem to make phony claims about chaos at New York and Pennsylvania hospitals in the coronavirus pandemic, has now put out another whopper. This time, it's a 60 Minutes segment about mask and personal protective equipment shortages at a New York City hospital, which, its report argues, is all Trump's fault. Here is their tweet with the segment: Tonight, we speak to doctors and nurses risking their lives without the same protective gear as many of their counterparts throughout the world, and with Peter Navarro, the White House official in charge of getting them the supplies they need. — 60 Minutes (@60Minutes) April 12, 2020 Wow. With a record like CBS's on this crisis,...(Read Full Post)
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