No baseball today

As we fight this coronavirus, we add another change to our schedule.

No baseball today.  Worse than that, our new beautiful stadium with a retractable roof will have to wait for a game.  Ironically, the roof, designed for our summer heat, would have come in handy today because of rain in our forecast.

When will we play ball?  The sooner the better, because April without baseball is something I've never experienced.

Shortstop Elvis Andrus, who has played in every opener since 2009, said this about it:

"I had so many dreams about opening the new stadium and how pumped we are[.] ... We are still going to be pumped up until the actual Opening Day. Not only for us but for the fans. Going to social media, you can see how sad they are. We are all in the same boat, not only as a player, but fans, they are having an even harder time than us."

The Rangers had other events planned at Globe Life Field leading up to Opening Day. Chris Stapleton and Willie Nelson were scheduled to give a concert there on March 14, followed by exhibition games last week against the Cardinals and against Rangers Minor Leaguers. All were canceled.

Matwick said the Stapleton/Nelson concert would have been great but was designed to set a construction date to finish the project. The exhibition games were trial runs for all ballpark operations.

"Our intent was not to oversell those things," Matwick said. "We wanted to save all the pageantry for Opening Day."

The main focus now is to catch up on some roof tests that were put on hold, not by health concerns but because of rain over the past 10 days.

Well, we will all have to wait for baseball.  Hopefully, it won't be long!

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