Nancy Pelosi: Cancer on the body politic

"Nancy Pelosi is a cancer on the body politic."

Those are the words of Mark Levin, and he is profoundly correct.  It is actually an understatement.  This woman has dedicated her entire recent term to impeaching President Trump over a phone call.  She stupidly bought into Adam Schiff's lunacy that they had the evidence that the president had threatened the president of Ukraine with a quid pro quo -- either investigate the Clinton campaign's meddling in the 2016 election or else. None of that was true, any more than the Russia collusion hoax, but Pelosi still gambled that she could take out Trump with that phony ploy. It was Biden who threatened Ukraine with an actual quid pro quo -- either fire the man investigating my son or lose a billions dollars in U.S. aid.

Then came the Wuhan virus. Oh my, were the Democrats thrilled. This would be the crisis they could use, manipulate to their desired end. This is how utterly stupid these Democrats are! This is how malicious they are; they are ready and willing to destroy the United States economy to take down a president they abhor. Why do they loathe him so? Because he is effective and successful. The American people, those not members of the political/academic class, love this man. They love him for a myriad of good reasons. Chief among them is that he recognizes and respects them, unlike the partisans of the left who view most Americans as nothing more than flotsam and jetsam, inconveniences they must tolerate. So superior to the worth of most citizens do the likes of those who inhabit Pelosi's circle of pals see themselves, they suffer no unease over dismissing us as invalid. That so many of us love and revere President Trump makes us all the more worthy of their dripping disdain. 

Nancy Pelosi is a blight upon her district. San Francisco is a disaster about which she cares nothing. It is a city ravaged by drug abuse, homelessness, rampant crime and all the other scourges of leftism. She lives extravagantly in her gated mansion. She lives a life of wealth and privilege in a city suffering a civilizational collapse created and orchestrated by her own party. She revels in it. She has become a near-billionairess by way of politics of the most corrupt variety. She is indeed a cancer on the body politic.

How do sentient people watch her on any of the many cable news programs on which she appears listen to her blather and lies? She accuses the president of "fiddling while people are dying."  What nonsense.  He was on the case while she was obsessed with impeaching him!  He banned flights from China in January, created a task force to address the virus, but the left-media did not notice.  She was encouraging the people of San Francisco to join the crowd in Chinatown to celebrate Chinese New Year in late February!  She and Schiff. et al. were so obsessed with impeaching him that they ignored the Wuhan virus completely.  It was as though they actually thought they could remove him from office!  That is how deluded they are.  Pelosi still is. She shows up all over cable TV with her surgically modified, Botoxed face, her red lipstick reminiscent of RuPaul's drag queen show and expects that Americans will pay attention to anything she has to say.  She has become a joke, a punch line. 

Anyone paying attention to anything Pelosi has to say at this moment in time is mentally challenged.  That would be the same people who think Joe Biden is a viable candidate for the presidency, a man so obviously in the throes of dementia that it is a mystery why no one, especially his wife, has not put a stop to his campaign.  Biden is pathetic, always a man of little or no character — and a racist.  What he did to Clarence Thomas with relish was obscene, a window into his inner depravity.  At this point in time, Biden is no more presidential material than Lenny of Of Mice and Men.  Joe Biden is as much a cancer on the body politic as Nancy Pelosi.  He is a shallow empty suit who has long enjoyed and abused the power vested in him as a senator.  He is also a creep.  He fondles and sniffs women and girls so chronically that he should probably be on the sex offender registry.  And this is the man the Democrat party is running as its candidate for the presidency!

What the Democrat party has become is a tragedy for America.  We need to be a two-party nation, with each seeking adherence to the Constitution.  But over the eight years of the Obama administration and his commitment to transforming America, the Democrat party was indeed transformed.  It is now fully socialist and authoritarian, anti–First Amendment, anti–Second Amendment, anti-freedom. and anti-Constitutional. The left has no tolerance for persons who are pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-capitalism, pro-liberty.  The economic system that has brought untold millions out of poverty is their enemy.  They want and lobby for the dependency of the masses who they believe will be certified Democrat voters.  Our left has been transformed into a vicious mob of anti-American fascists.  Elect or re-elect any of them to office, and we will get what we deserve, a nightmare of unimaginable proportions.  Pelosi and her ilk are not only certifiably insane, they are well and truly evil.  Their intentions for the wealth and sanctity of this nation as founded are malicious.  She and her fellow elitists could not care less for the citizens they were elected to represent.  This is why they are unable to grasp why so many of us love this president; he does care about all the folks they disregard — all those people who are bringing food to our markets, stocking the shelves, still picking up our trash, taking care of those who are sick across the nation.  This pandemic crisis has demonstrated for all to see that the American left is as much an enemy of America as China.

Caricature by Donkey HoteyCC BY-SA 2.0.

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