Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats’ unending shame

There are some truly terrible people in Congress; there always have been some throughout American history.  But as the country navigates the course of this mis-modeled and over-hyped COVID-19 pandemic, Nancy Pelosi stands out as a genuine enemy of America.  She loathes the president so much she has relinquished any semblance of ethics and her own personal character.  Every word she utters is a lie.  

She knows damn well that the president was on top of this virus crisis while she and her fellow anti-Americans were gleefully and despicably embroiled in their attempt to remove the president from office.  Not one of the principals in this fiasco – Pelosi, Adam Schiff,  Jerry Nadler, or the rest of them gave a single thought to the potential threat of the disease emanating from China.  There is no record of any of them even mentioning it until the economic shutdown brought it to their attention.  But for calling Trump 'xenophobic' when he banned flights from China, none of them registered the virus as dangerous to the U.S.  Once it became clear it was a serious threat, they all got on board to blame it on the president, to spread the lie that he was late to recognize it and is thus to blame, as Barbra Streisand put it, for 20k deaths.  What abhorrent nonsense. Pelosi is the de facto leader of a liars' club.  And just as when the same bunch went after then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, there is not one bit of truth to their accusations and they all know it.  This is how malevolent Pelosi and her disciples are.  No plot to destroy this president is too wicked to employ. 

Pelosi and her fellow ghouls conference-called on Monday during which she called the president’s “failure” to provide testing, masks and gloves “sinful.” Whew!  That takes a level of chutzpah even most members of Congress would eschew.  Most know they dropped the ball due to impeachment.  But to fabricate a narrative so provably false takes a mind  and soul wholly without scruples.  And like the rest of the left, she and her partners in prevarication are all in on the wholesale destruction of the American economy as long as it takes President Trump down too.  That is how unprincipled they are, the lot of them. 

Trump has handled this pandemic far better than most world leaders which is why the Pelosi-Schiff-ites hate him so.  Because he is not one of them, not a member of their club, they naturally assumed he would be incompetent, not up to the task at hand – running the United States.  As it turned out, he is the most competent man we’ve had in that office in decades. He has beat them at their devious games over and over again and they never see their defeat coming.  Each of their plots against the man have failed.  This one will as well.  Can anyone imagine Joe Biden answering questions in minute detail for two hours every day about the virus, the economy, logistics, trade, China, etc.?  Biden cannot utter a complete sentence without forgetting where it began.  Trump, on the other hand, has brought together private business, the military and the medical establishment to address this national crisis.  Too many of the states were woefully unprepared, especially New York.  The governors of these ill-equipped states were compelled to beg the President for all the supplies they should have had stockpiled and he rescued them.  Leftist governors like Andrew Cuomo of New York and Gavin Newsom of California have found themselves having to express their gratitude for Trump’s quick action and the provisions they received in quick order.  

Pelosi and her coevals on the other hand continue to manipulate our oh-so-easily-manipulated media. Like the mind-numbed, Trump-deranged puppets they are, they willingly do Pelosi’s bidding.  They live for those press briefings so they can mercilessly harass the president.  They think it gives them street cred.  They seem not to realize they are embarrassing themselves on a daily basis, revealing their ignorance of the actual timeline.  Dr. Anthony Fauci may have tried to have it both ways with Jake Tapper on Sunday but even he had to correct the record.  He failed to grasp the nature of the beast as late as Feb. 29. When he and Dr. Deborah Birx recommended the shutdown in mid-March, Trump did it. When they recommended extending it from fifteen days to thirty, he did it.  As for the banning of flights from China, he did that on his own.  He was both prescient and he listens to the medical mavens.

As usual, the American left sees any calamity or bit of chaos as an opportunity to impose their socialist agenda upon us all.  They love this shutdown of the economy; they believe that the more people who will ultimately depend on the largesse of the federal government, the more power they will have gained.  As Pelosi’s foot-dragging on the relief bill proves, she cares not one bit about actual human beings.  She is as Stalinist as they come in America; we are just statistics to be used and abused for her purposes.  To say we are living in interesting times is a gross understatement.  We are enduring a bitter civil war between two competing ideologies:  one that reveres the Constitution and the freedom and liberty it guarantees all Americans and the socialist/communist model that favors top-down rule by elites over plebes.  What Pelosi and her fellow swells fail to note is that in the end the American people will never submit to their tyranny.  We have submitted too easily to this murder of our economy at this moment in time but our patience is wearing thin.  It is time to begin thinking and operating for ourselves and our families, to support the President as he unleashes the economy which he is surely about to do.   

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