MIT polymath criticizes Dr. Fauci and our approach to COVID

Shiva Ayyadurai is a polymath with multiple degrees from MIT, and he's an interesting guy.  Also, he's highly critical of Dr. Anthony Fauci, Big Pharma, and the approach we've been taking to dealing with COVID-19.  I tried to discover whether anyone has reported on Ayyadurai here at American Thinker, and the only thing I found was a blog post by media watchdog Peter Barry Chowka headlined "Anthony Fauci, the NIH's face of the coronavirus, is a Deep-State Hillary Clinton–loving stooge," which contained only a link to a short tweet.  Here are the hits for "Shiva Ayyadurai" at Google, and here are the hits at Bing.

On April 10, Christina Aguayo interviewed Ayyadurai in "Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD Crushes Dr. Fauci Exposes Birx, Clintons, Bill Gates, And The W.H.O."  The video lasts 16 minutes, and it's embedded below.  I neither advocate nor blast Dr. Ayyadurai's positions.  But the man is very well spoken, very fluid, and a pleasure to listen to:

Jon N. Hall of ULTRACON OPINION is a programmer from Kansas City.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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