Leak of sealed evidence in the Michael Flynn case points to a high-ranking deep state operative as a key to the Russia hoax conspiracy at DOJ and FBI

General Michael Flynn was the first victim of the conspiracy of senior officials at the CIA, DOJ and FBI to unseat President Trump, and a leak about court-sealed new evidence in the legal case against him, under review by a US Attorney, upon close analysis points to a new key member, a point man of the conspiracy, a name until now only familiar to students of the Russia Hoax.  A new visage is going to join Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Strzok, Page, and Rosenstein on the front page of the cabal’s rogues’ gallery: Dana Boente. On April 24, The US Attorney reviewing the case against Flynn released new evidence to Flynn’s lawyers, putting it under seal. His lawyer Sidney Powell gleefully tweeted: #BREAKING The government just provided the #Flynn defense with remarkable new & long withheld BRADY evidence. Letter below just filed. Stay tuned.@realDonaldTrump @Techno_Fog @seanmdav @seanhannity @ProfMJCleveland @BarbaraRedgate @JosephJFlynn1 @lofly727...(Read Full Post)
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