Law prof, former US Attorney, and NBC News analyst can’t fathom grass roots lockdown protests, so offers bizarre conspiracy theory

The leftist mindset apparently can’t accept that Americans all over this land spontaneously would rise up in protest over being locked down, impoverished, and denied their civil rights over fears of an epidemic whose effects are heavily concentrated in a few urban areas.  No, there must be sinister forces at work, coordinating it all. Barbara McQaude, professor of Law at the University of Michigan, NBC News analyst, and former US Attorney (a position of incredible power and responsibility) is embracing the theory that Russia is behind the demonstrations in several state capitals protesting the lockdowns:   Mueller found that some 2016 political rallies in US were organized by Russians on social media. These active measures seek to divide and defeat us. Ask yourself who benefits from American deaths when protestors gather during COVID19. via @detroitnews — Barb McQuade (@BarbMcQuade) April 18, 2020   I wonder of...(Read Full Post)
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