Law prof, former US Attorney, and NBC News analyst can’t fathom grass roots lockdown protests, so offers bizarre conspiracy theory

The leftist mindset apparently can’t accept that Americans all over this land spontaneously would rise up in protest over being locked down, impoverished, and denied their civil rights over fears of an epidemic whose effects are heavily concentrated in a few urban areas.  No, there must be sinister forces at work, coordinating it all.

Barbara McQaude, professor of Law at the University of Michigan, NBC News analyst, and former US Attorney (a position of incredible power and responsibility) is embracing the theory that Russia is behind the demonstrations in several state capitals protesting the lockdowns:



I wonder of Professor McQaude has asked herself the same question about the Mueller investigation and Crossfire Hurricane? Now, we know there is evidence that Russian disinformation was the basis for obtaining the FISA warrants.

That’s a lot more evidence than the fanciful notion that Idahoans, Michiganders, Wisconsinites, Minnesotans, and other heartland protestors, who are facing personal financial ruin over the arbitrary measures imposed by their governors, needed prompting from Putin’s minions to turn out and demonstrate.

The fact that this woman was in charge of deciding against whom to bring the mighty weight of the federal government until 2017 is frightening.  Ask Roger Stone or General Flynn or Paul Manafort what happens when federal prosecutors decide to go after you.  

Meanwhile, her commentator colleague in the NBC News empire, Joy Reid, thinks it’s not the Russkies, but rather the Confederates that are the puppet masters. Beth Baumann writes at Townhall:

According to MSNBC's Joy Reid and Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison (D), if you're someone who wants to see the economy reopen and get back to work, you must be some sort of Confederate racist.

"Black people are being left in a situation where they're more vulnerable by default: less health care, jobs that are hourly, jobs where you're closer to people, stuck working near to each other," Reid said. "When you hear Donald Trump talking in this sort of faux-Confederate language about these lockdown orders – which are meant to save lives – and you see people with these instaprotests, paid for by activists for the super-rich, egging on this kind of activity that could get violent, what does that say to you?"

Ellison said Trump is willing to put his supporters' lives on the line "so that he can have advantages like re-election and things like that."

Where is the evidence that the “super-rich” have “paid for” the protests? Reid evidently has no understanding of why people would want to demonstrate against arbitrary, unscientific, executive fiats that are destroying their financial loves, and in many cases, the businesses they have spent decades building.  The same must go for McQaude, as well.This crisis is exposing the extremist ideology and lunatic paranoia  of many members of the ruling class.

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