It’s time for the world to build a Great Wall around China

From the moment COVID-19 escaped from a Chinese lab, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has behaved appallingly, regarding its citizens and people around the world.  Add to this China's previous deviations from behavioral norms, and it's clear that China needs to be isolated from the community of nations until it changes its ways.

One thing that put Donald Trump in the White House was his recognition that China's economic policies were ruining the American economy.  Taking advantage of America's generally free-trade orientation, China was flooding the American market with cheaply made Chinese goods, while closing its doors to American products.  It was also gaining an unfair advantage through corporate espionage.  It did these things because it could.

Unfair trade was not the only black mark against China.  Here's just a short list of the CCP's unfriendly behaviors to its citizens, to America, and to the rest of the world:

  1. Unfair trade (as noted above).
  2. Industrial espionage (as noted above), as well as military espionage.
  3. Selling poisoned food to both its citizens and to the world.  These foods include, but are not limited to, poisoned canned mushrooms, produce loaded with pesticides, cabbages sprayed with formaldehyde, honey loaded with antibiotics and pesticides, apple juice with arsenic, milk with melamine, dog food with melamine, "table" salt that's industrial with heavy metals, chicken soaked in salmonella and E.coli, doctored rotten vegetables, and tofu literally made from garbage.
  4. Flooding America with fentanyl, which has driven the American opioid crisis.
  5. Propping up North Korea's dictatorship.
  6. Imprisoning tens of thousands of people for religious beliefs, whether Christians, Uyghurs, or Falun Gong members.
  7. Using political prisoners for slave labor, which is part of how China undercuts the American market, and organ-harvesting.
  8. Building artificial islands to exert control over the South China Sea, one of the world's major economic waterways.
  9. Betraying its promise to allow Hong Kong the same freedoms it had when it was under English control.
  10. Polluting everything: air, water, and land.  China is filthy, whether it's industrial pollution, littering its own and the world's waterways, or the street habits of defecation, garbage, and spitting.  COVID-19 shows that dirty habits have harmful consequences.
  11. The one-child policy, which led to untold millions of forced abortions and a holocaust of disfavored female infants, both pre- and post-birth.
  12. Unleashing COVID-19 on the world.
  13. Covering up COVID-19, something it has been doing consistently since the outbreak began in late 2019.  (Here's just Wednesday's example.)  This included allowing hundreds of thousands of almost certainly infected workers to rotate through countries such as Italy and Iran.
  14. Sending defective COVID-19 masks and tests to nations in crisis.
  15. Using fake journalists to spread propaganda right into the White House.
  16. Pressuring the already corrupt World Health Organization to act as its water boy carrying Chinese propaganda, again to the detriment of the world.

As noted, that's just the shortlist. Most readers can undoubtedly add more items.

Last night marked the first night of Passover, commemorating the world's first revolt against a totalitarian dictatorship.  If there's one thing the Passover story tells us, it's that tyrants will not release their hold on power until it hurts them, rather than their people.

God could send blood, frogs, bugs, wild animals, pestilence, boils, hail, locusts, and darkness, but as long as the damage was limited to the people, Pharaoh didn't care.  It was only the final plague — the one that went right into Pharaoh's home – that changed his behavior (and even then, it was a temporary change).

Scolding China will not change the CCP.  Piecemeal challenges to its trade practices will not affect the CCP's grip on power.  The only thing that will change the CCP is for a new wall to be built around China — only this one won't be to keep invaders from harming China; it will be to keep China from harming the world.

Until the CCP changes its wicked ways, nothing goes in, and nothing comes out.  China is sent back to 1972, to work on getting it right so that it is a fit citizen to rejoin the world.

China is a magnificent country, with tremendous natural beauty and resources.  Outside the CCP, its people are as wonderful (and as awful) as any other people around the world.  Wonderful or awful, they need to be set free.  Now is the time.  COVID-19 is the reason.