I remember growing up hearing that communists lie

April is going to be a cruel month, or so we hear.  Let's care for the sick and remember that most will recover.  Let's bury the dead.  Let's stand up the economy.

And last, but not least, let's come to terms with the reality that we've been doing business with a communist regime and nothing else.

The latest from China is that the Chinese want to spin the coronavirus and shift the blame. They want to confuse the West with this and that and hope we buy what they are saying.  They will do anything, as we see in this F.P. post:

By allowing Zhao and Hua to muddy the debate over the origins of the coronavirus, the Chinese leadership hopes the discourse's center of gravity can be pulled away from blaming Beijing for the current global catastrophe to what appears to be a middle ground: Let the scientists worry about the virus's currently indeterminate origins. 

As Zhao and Hua play bad cop, Cui — the top representative of Beijing in Washington — understandably plays good cop. 

In the end, Cui, the MFA spokespeople, and the People's Daily have all been consistent in pushing a single goal: obfuscation.

To be sure, Beijing may well decide this messaging is counterproductive and cool it down. But for now bellicose conspiracies and smooth-talking diplomats all are working under the same orders: redirect blame away from the CCP for the greatest global health catastrophe of our time.

Yes, obfuscation and hitching their wagon to a few Western journalists who hate President Trump so much that they will repeat the lies.

Over the short run, we need to worry about the human toll.  After that, we need to come to terms with the reality that this communist regime lied and people died.

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