Go for it, Adam Schiff! Make a fool of yourself again

As night follows day, Adam Schiff is vowing to launch another "investigation" into the Trump administration's response to the Wuhan flu.  Whether or not it was spawned in that wet market or the Wuhan lab as a bio-weapon, China seems to be using it as a cudgel in a diabolical attempt to bring the U.S. to its knees.  Trump likely knows this but for a moment must accede to the hysteria.  China thought it had us between the rock and the hard place since the Chinese produce so many of our needed drugs, beginning with Tylenol and all manner of antibiotics.  China is also the world's biggest supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients.  Donald Trump has been raging against this state of affairs for decades, long before he ever thought of running for president.  Make no mistake: China fears President Trump.

Cleta Mitchell laid out the timeline of Trump's rapid response to the virus even though China was far from truthful about the severity of the disease.  Read the whole thing.  For example, China denied there was human-to-human transmission.  But Trump took it seriously anyway.  The first patient suffering from the virus in the U.S. was identified on Jan. 17 and had arrived from Wuhan.  Trump referenced the virus and its potential danger during his SOTU speech.  On the 30th of January, China admitted that the virus was contagious among humans, and the next day, Trump banned flights from China.  Passengers from other nations were then screened when arriving from anywhere overseas.  Trump did all this, including setting up the task force of experts with whom we are now all familiar, while every member of the Democratic Party and the left-media was obsessed 24/7 with impeaching the man and dragging that process out for as long as possible. 

The Pelosi-Schiff impeachment folly distracted the anti-Trump-obsessed left and the media.  They actually believed they could pull it off; that is how deluded they are.  The denizens of CNN, MSNBC, et al. breathlessly ranted and raved about impeachment every hour of every day.  They barely mentioned the virus except to downplay its danger and bring up "racism."  All those folks blaming Trump now — Andrew Cuomo, Bill de Blasio, Nancy Pelosi — were encouraging people to get together and gather in big groups as late as the end of February.  Now we have Schiff's latest stunt.  Schiff was the congressman who swallowed the Russia collusion hoax as if it was gospel.  No amount of revealed facts could dissuade him.  He then orchestrated the Ukraine hoax and used it to begin impeachment based on a phone conversation.  He's an obsessive and apparently still determined to somehow see this president removed from office. 

Has any Democrat contributed one idea, one possible solution to the current crisis?  No.  Not one thing.  They are delighted that they have another poke at the bear.  They delight in the blow to the economy; they assume that will prevent Trump's re-election, but his masterful handling of this is ensuring his re-election.  The media have thoroughly embarrassed themselves, as has Adam Schiff.  When the time came for their moment in the sun, they tried to pack the relief bill with billions of dollars in pork having nothing to do with the virus, revealing once again how lethal they are to our nation which is already $23 trillion in debt.  Since then, the Democrats and their handmaidens in the media have done nothing but use the virus to excoriate the president who every day stands before them and us to give us the latest information.  He answers their mostly snide questions in great detail without notes.  He invites his team to answer the questions in their area of expertise. 

So, Mr. Schiff, be our guest!  Investigate to your heart's content.  You will, again, beclown yourself.  Any commission you put together, no matter how many anti-Trumpers you pack it with, as with the Mueller Report, can only uncover what is true.  Trump has handled this event far, far better than President Obama, who addressed the H1N1 epidemic in 2008–09.  Obama did nothing until a thousand people had died!  He did not call for "social distancing," a shutdown of the economy, etc.  Thousands eventually died.  There were 300,000 hospitalizations, 60 million cases, 12,000 dead.  The CDC concluded that it killed 284K worldwide.  Schiff was in the House then.  Did he raise an alarm?  Of course not.  Did any Democrat?  No.  Seasonal flu kills many people every time it rolls through any population.  It has killed 122,000 worldwide in just the first three months of this year.  Trump has been as on top of this as humanly possible, given what he and his team knew and learned with each passing day, cutting through the false info and propaganda from China.  The Democrats have done absolutely nothing but attack, accuse, and lie day after day after day.  Mr. Schiff might consider an observation from Aesop that seems to apply to him: "I don't think it's much use your looking for the brains: a creature who twice walked into a lion's den can't have got any."

Image credit: Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of public domain U.S. Air Force photo illustration by Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Rissmiller and shareable CNN YouTube screen shot.

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