Fauci considering Certificate of Immunity cards

As the doors to becoming a totalitarian state open wider by the day, Dr. Fauci entertains the idea that Americans have a certificate of immunity to prove their health status with respect to the coronavirus.

Is the hair on the back of your neck standing on end yet?

So how, pray tell, would this certificate come to pass? Would Americans be forced to take a diagnostic or antibody test? What would the penalty be if someone refused? What kind of health information would the government collect on us?

And how would this information then be used? Would Americans be herded into various groups? Those who can work and those who can’t? Those who can do certain jobs but not others? Those who must stay home and those who can go out? Those whose children may or may not attend school?

My goodness, the possibilities are endless! The left must be salivating at the idea.

And what other certificates might we then be required to have? (No doubt, positive ID for voting won’t be on that list.)

The coronavirus pandemic has set us on a very dangerous path. Of equal concern, I hear barely a peep from any of our elected officials shining a light on the steady march toward increased government control.

Sending up an SOS flare.

File photo from YouTube screen grab (cropped).