Fake News: In the coronavirus crisis, the press covers itself in glory

Where do we go to get real news these days? To judge by the current press coverage, it's not the press.  Media outlets have dished up nothing but one-sided criticism of President Trump and have now ended up serving us just fake news. For example: In mid-January, the experts at the WHO repeated Chinese propaganda that the virus wouldn't spread from human to human, and the press repeated that as if it were fact.  That was a lie.  Instead of excoriating China for its duplicity, all they say is that President Trump should have known.  Here's another: On Jan. 31, Trump implemented a travel ban from China.  The mainstream press and its Democrat allies called that xenophobic, racist, and an overreaction.  Now the critics say he reacted too slowly. Sometimes, the press goes full fake news, based on its urge to snipe at Trump. ABC loudly ran a false story on Wednesday, with no...(Read Full Post)
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