Fake News: In the coronavirus crisis, the press covers itself in glory

Where do we go to get real news these days?

To judge by the current press coverage, it's not the press.  Media outlets have dished up nothing but one-sided criticism of President Trump and have now ended up serving us just fake news.

For example:

In mid-January, the experts at the WHO repeated Chinese propaganda that the virus wouldn't spread from human to human, and the press repeated that as if it were fact.  That was a lie.  Instead of excoriating China for its duplicity, all they say is that President Trump should have known. 

Here's another:

On Jan. 31, Trump implemented a travel ban from China.  The mainstream press and its Democrat allies called that xenophobic, racist, and an overreaction.  Now the critics say he reacted too slowly.

Sometimes, the press goes full fake news, based on its urge to snipe at Trump.

ABC loudly ran a false story on Wednesday, with no evidence, claiming that Trump was warned in November about the virus.  On Thursday, the network started to bury it quietly.

Defense Official Shoots Down ABC Report Alleging Trump Admin Ignored Virus Warnings

ABC is quietly sweeping under the rug their own sensational report they hyped all day Wednesday, which suggested the Trump administration ignored warnings of an impending pandemic, back in November.

As with most things, the media run fake stories endlessly, with other outlets repeating them, and then are very quiet when they bury them.

A story like this is not at all different from the fake Russian collusion stories they ran for years even though they had evidence that the story was false.

The media ripped Trump endlessly when he said Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York would not need thirty thousand ventilators.  They said Trump didn't care.  But Trump knew what he was talking about.  Now it comes to light that New York's need has topped out around 5,000.  We will not see the media rip Cuomo for his false estimate or compliment Trump for his expertise.

There's also the number of deaths, a sure magnet for fake news.  In this pandemic, the numbers of deaths and cases have always been hyped with dire forecasts and completely exaggerated by exponential amounts.  When will the media rip the "experts" instead of pretending their estimates are facts?  The answer is never, because the storyline is to trash Trump every day.

Cuomo just made up that the rest of the country would end up like New York, and the media acted as if that was a factual statement.

California's leftist Gov. Gavin Newsom said, in late March, that over 25 million could be infected in California alone in the next two months.  On April 7, they had 16,280 known cases.  His estimates were so close...

According to the New York Times:

As of Tuesday morning, the state has more than 16,280 known cases, including 386 deaths. California will loan 500 state-owned ventilators to the national stockpile.

There were also the hospital stories.

CBS ran a fake story of an overrun hospital in New York, using footage from Italy's socialized medicine chaos, to intentionally mislead the public that Trump and New York were unprepared and also in chaos.

Then more Italian hospital footage was shown a second time, attributed to New York, after CBS called it a "mistake" earlier.

Anyone who believes CBS when the network says it was an editing mistake needs to have his head examined.

That is like when pictures of kids in cages were shown to the public and Trump was blamed when the pictures were from the Obama/Biden years.  The public was intentionally fed a false story.  Facts haven't mattered for a long time.

Not content with just that kind of fake news, the New York Times then decided to do a hit piece on Trump for a minuscule financial interest in a drug company, Sanofi, that happens to make a promising drug he cited as a potential COVID-19 treatment.

According to National Review:

A New York Times story highlighting President Trump's "small personal financial interest" in a French pharmaceutical company that sells the brand-name version of hydroxychloroquine went viral Tuesday, as pundits and activists ignored the fact that Trump's holdings likely amount to less than $1,000 and that the company does not sell the drug in the U.S.

This story was widely repeated by journalist puppets.

On Thursday, the New York Times is trying to convince the public that the virus came from Europe.  Apparently, there's no such thing as Chinese visitors spreading the virus in Europe, which in turn could bring the virus from the U.S., is there?  More pure BS from people who called Trump a racist for calling it the Chinese virus.  It is disgusting, how many among our media spend their time defending China while trashing Trump.

Meanwhile, NBC and MSNBC, like the NYT, pretend they are factual and unbiased, and they trot out Chuck Todd on Meet the Press every Sunday.  He essentially is a campaigner for Democrats and socialist policies.

NBC, MSNBC, and many other media outlets who claim they are for free speech and transparency are now censoring Trump's press briefings.

Here is Chuck Todd promoting Bernie's socialist policies.

It is much easier to find fake news than factual news these days.  It is no wonder that the public has so little trust in the media today.  I love the news.  It would be nice if journalists did the job that the founding fathers envisioned.  We need them to hold powerful people to account instead of spending their time promoting politicians from one party.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of images from public domain sources.