Evil: Pakistani court overturns murder conviction of Daniel Pearl's killers

A Pakistani court covered itself with glory by announcing that the al-Qaeda beasts who kidnapped and savagely killed Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl shortly after 9/11 now get their murder convictions overturned and will go free to walk among us again.

Somehow, after all these years, they got it wrong.  The murder never happened, at least not by the slimy hands of these Islamist creeps.  And it was a very bad murder — Pearl was a bright light at the Journal with wonderful parents (we have since learned) who was kidnapped, blindfolded, forced to recite that he was a Jew to his Jew-hating hostage takers, and then beheaded for a despicable al-Qaeda propaganda movie, the better to recruit scumbags who get excited about this stuff.  This dirtbag, 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who's still eating his Froot Loops on Gitmo (why is he even still alive?), is the one who actually did it, but the Pakistani creeps released were the confederates who made it happen. 

Look at how bad it is, according to the Washington Post:

"As per the court's judgment, Omar Saeed Sheikh has been found guilty of kidnapping and not of murder. The accused was in jail for 20 years," the defendants' lawyer Khawaja Naveed told The Washington Post.

Saeed had been sentenced to death for Pearl's murder but now with just a seven-year sentence for kidnapping, he could be released for the 18 years he has already served.

The three other men convicted with Saeed, Fahad Naseem, a computer expert, Salman Saqib, a religious activist, and Sheikh Adil, a police officer, were ordered released by the court.

The kidnapping and murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Pearl in January 2002 shocked the world at the time. He had been in Pakistan researching the connection between a radical Islamic preacher and Robert Reid, who attempted to blow up an airliner with explosives in his shoe.

Pearl was told he was meeting with the radical cleric when instead he was kidnapped by militants organized by Sheikh, a British-born Pakistani. According to the Center of Public Integrity's Pearl Project, 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed then took over the operation and filmed the beheading of Pearl for al-Qaeda propaganda purposes.

Something bad is going on in that hellhole, some kind of backsliding, some kind of upsurge in Islamist fundamentalism.  The release was clearly a sop to these losers.

It's too soon to say what — it might even be simple havoc-wreaking from the Chicoms paying bribes to Pakistani judges — but here are the conditions on the ground that suggest that the place is falling apart:

From Fox News in a report just 20 hours ago:

All hell broke loose in a coronavirus quarantine site in the Pakistani city of Sukkur last week.

Those inside, including Shiite pilgrims who had just returned from Iran, brought the doors down in protest. The heated crowd included people who had tested positive for coronavirus mixed in with those who were healthy or waiting for their results. Police propelled the crowd back but many are said to have escaped, shouting that the virus was an American conspiracy.

The scene is symptomatic of Pakistan's handling of COVID-19. The country now has the highest number of confirmed cases in South Asia.

Unlike India, which has few cases, Pakistan didn't shut the door.  Fox reports that the Pakistanis kept shipping pilgrims to Iran, where the coronavirus is rampant, for religious purposes, and the returning pilgrims brought the disease back with them to spread it at home.  The local mullahs whined that Iran didn't treat the ill; Iran just shipped them back to superspread the problem into Pakistan, mullahs being mullahs.  Meanwhile, Pakistan's ignorant local religious leaders refuse to shut the mosques, claiming that no harm can come with religious gatherings and telling the locals that praying on the Quran is the one and only way to stop the pestilence, so the religious gatherings go on, and the disease is spreading like wildfire. 

And it looks as if Sindh province, where the disgusting judicial ruling came from, is Pakistan's second hardest hit.  

According to Anadolu News Agency of Turkey:

According to the Federal Health Ministry, the number of confirmed cases rose to 676 in Sindh province, 708 in Punjab province, 253 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, 158 in Balochistan province, 148 in the Gilgit-Baltistan autonomous region and 58 in the capital Islamabad, while six cases were confirmed in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. 

More than 80% of the confirmed cases had recently returned from neighboring Iran and Saudi Arabia.

There's also this rubbish going on with nearby Afghanistan:

Many have lamented that the porous 1,500-mile border with Afghanistan has allowed transmission between the two countries.

But the warring insurgency itself may have been one of the first to act as coronavirus took root.

"The Taliban live in a closed environment and the traffic between their areas and others is very limited," a source close to the group told Fox News. "But even if they did get the virus, which they still say is an American conspiracy that has not come to Afghanistan, they would say people were being killed by the government or by foreigners."

According to the source, the Taliban has taken to making videos to share among themselves, illuminating that praying five times a day will eliminate any illnesses – and more.

Hellholes are perfect seeding grounds for the rise of Islamist fundamentalism, and as Pakistan fails to get any sort of grip on the coronavirus — it's just starting its national lockdown and sending troops to enforce it, according to this report here — it's blaming America as it always does, and now this judge is letting these anti-Semitic, anti-American killers out.

Now that the current despicableness has happened, giving the Islamist fundamentalists there just the delight they need and the will to go on trying to Afghanistanize Pakistan, only bad can come of this.  As for America, it's time to cut them off from everything they want with this outrageous behavior, find some way to speed up the execution of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed for them and let Iran take care of them.

Image credit: David via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.