Disgusting: Democrats threaten to expel Democratic lawmaker for surviving COVID-19 with hydroxychloroquine and thanking Trump

What kind of a creature "censures" a black woman who just barely survived the coronavirus and then went on to thank President Trump for suggesting hydroxychloroquine, the drug that turned the tide for her?

Only a certain kind of Democrat. And in Gretchen Whitmer's Michigan, these beasts have proliferated. Rather than offer thanks to heaven for their fellow Detroit legislator's survival, along with lots of proverbial pats on the back and expressions of support for her recovery, which is what decent people do, these Democrats had different ideas. They decided to punish her, whipping out their censorship apparat and threatening party expulsion to her, all for the 'crime' of surviving COVID-19 by taking hydroxychloroquine and remembering and thanking President Trump.

Michigan's already grossly unpopular governor, Gretchen Whitmer, who banned garden seed sales, mowing the lawn, and visiting one's own getaway cabin, has actually been making time in her busy schedule to send crank texts to the lawmaker, Karen Whitsett, too.

Here's Tucker Carlson of Fox, utterly stupefied at their response. 

Whitsett, who is a state legislator, spoke with Carlson and came off as a decent human being. She, too, was taken aback by the extent of Trump derangement in her own party, now targeted at her:

They would expel me, why they would expel me is beyond words for me. This is something that I did not expect, I started out with a simple thank you to the man that is the president of the United States. It’s a thank you, I didn’t know that thank you had a political line. I didn’t know thank you belongs to one political party over another, and that if you’re in one party you cannot say thank you to another person. I had no idea.

By any standard, this isn't normal behavior. This is the viciousness of fanatics, mad dogs so crazed they'd attack one of their own for the slightest nod to someone on the other side who helped. No 'in this all together' talk from them.

And same as the case of the Georgia black legislator who was nearly forced out of his office for praising President Trump, it's very likely toxic to their party's prospects among black voters, who quite reasonably, are going to be very interested in access to a product that works to cure COVID-19, which has hit their community very hard. 

The doctor quoted in the Carlson video provided some very significant insights about NIH guidelines for treatment, which included the prescription of the combination of hydroxychloroquine and an antibiotic known as the Z-Pac according to doctor judgment and patient willingness. That's a far cry from the press claims that NIH forbade the combination.  The doctor noted that there were no cut and dried treatments out there.

Anyone who's slowly suffocating from the viral pneumonia of COVID-19 is going to be desperate to get well and may very well want access to the inexpensive drug combination that's being used in so many countries to get patients well. Like all drugs, there are risks, but the broad picture shows many people benefiting from it. The drug is known to be safe, and one new fact has come out that makes the case for the drug combo probably even more compelling: That it's being administered in lower doses to COVID-19 patients than patients with lupus and arthritis, who take it for longer durations. COVID-19 patients typically get the combo treatment for about five days and in much lower doses. If you were dying otherwise, you'd probably feel as though a cure was being snatched out of your hands if you heard the demonization from Democrats for using it, and solely because President Trump called it promising.

The irrational Democrat position effectively tells the black comnmunity to shut up and die. Then they punish a survivor, all to single out anyone who fails to march in lockstep to their lunacy.

Does this sound like a party anyone should want to belong to? Dollars to donuts, black voters are watching this drama closely and noticing this nasty behavior coming from the Democrats and quite a few are going to bolt their party for this.

Image credit: Grabien screen shot.