Democrats are attacking homeschooling, but two teachers are wrecking the brand

You read here last week about the Harvard professor who considers homeschooling terribly dangerous because it gives parents "authoritarian control over their children," instead of leaving the children in government's safe and loving hands.  It's no surprise that a leftist professor loves public education.  As a general matter, American public education is a hard left enterprise, teaching children ideas that are far removed from (a) reality and (b) what their parents value.

Additionally, teacher unions are among the biggest Democrat party donors.  Taxpayers pay the teachers, teachers pay the unions, the unions buy the politicians, and the politicians raise the teachers' salaries, in an endless loop that sees ordinary people financing Democrat politics.  No wonder Democrats are afraid that lockdowns will encourage more homeschooling.

As if to help damage the public school brand, two stories emerged this past week about public school teachers misbehaving.  The first, out of Louisville, Kentucky, tells of a middle school teacher who was arrested for possessing child pornography (lots of it) and for trying to procure a minor for sex:

Robbie Thompson, an eighth grade math teacher at West Hardin Middle School, was arrested Tuesday on two counts of possession of child pornography, according to the school district and the Kentucky Attorney General's Office.

He was terminated later Tuesday. 

Thompson came to Hardin County in 2018 to teach at James T. Alton Middle School. He was in his first year at West Hardin, the district said. He previously worked in Franklin County Schools, according to the Attorney General's Office. 

The 33-year-old from Hodgenville was arrested alongside Matthew Lyons of Elizabethtown after the state Cyber Crimes Unit found a 2018 chat between the two "involving pornographic images of minors," according to a press release.

Lyons faces 100 counts of possession of child pornography, plus one count of prohibited use of an electronic communication system to procure a minor for a sex offense, two counts of the use of a minor in a sexual performance and two counts of distribution of matter portraying a sexual performance by a minor.


Among the various allegations that Coleman's office highlighted in a criminal complaint, Lyons is accused of paying two 14-year-old boys $70 and $60 to perform oral sex on both of them earlier this month. The sex acts allegedly took place in Lyons' pickup truck while it was parked in a Dollar General parking lot in Hardin County.

This is not the type of person who should be anywhere near children, and yet he was.

The second story is about an unstable New Jersey teacher who, when teenagers continued to play in the fresh air and sunshine against her advice, screamed at them that she hoped they would die:

A math teacher at Steinert High School was caught on video this week shouting at a group of teenagers playing football in the park that they should "die a long, painful death" from the coronavirus.

The teacher was identified by multiple sources as Nicole Griggs, who has been a township teacher for the last 15 years and also taught middle school, according to the district website.

One of the teenagers, a freshman at Steinert, told The Trentonian that he and a group of school friends were playing football Thursday at the former Homedell School, on the 500 block of East Franklin Street, when Griggs stopped to admonish them from behind a chain-link fence.

Griggs first tries to tell the kids they'll be arrested but then resorts to name-calling, fear-mongering, and ill wishes:

"Parks closed. The whole area," Griggs says. "Get it through your thick head. You are the reason we are in this situation. You are the problem, not the solution. Go ahead keep recording. Who are you going to show it to? Post me on social media. You're the idiot doing the wrong thing. I'm just trying to save your ass and save your life. But die, OK. I hope both of you get the coronavirus. I hope you both die a long, painful death."

Again, this is not someone who should be in charge of children.

I know that there are many wonderful, dedicated, emotionally stable teachers out there.  Most of them are from an older generation.  (My father was one.)  The reality of today's schools, though, is that teaching colleges cultivate hard leftism in their students and then send them out into the world to visit that leftism on children trapped in public school classrooms.  The two teachers described above also fit the known fact that leftists have more mental illness.

A lot of parents aren't going to want to send their children back to an environment in which their children are under the control of teachers who have been steeped in leftism and show signs of mental instability.

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