Dealing with the coronavirus

A major problem with our effort to fight the coronavirus is the corruption of science over the past 30–40 years.  The leftstream media has stampeded people with hysterics because the establishment has set us up to revere "science" as something unchallengeable.  Yet it's eminently challengeable, as shown by the nonsensical scares of global warming, and before that ozone holes, and the population bomb, and coral reef destruction, and DDT, and AIDS as a widespread heterosexual problem, on and on.  Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, or three times, or four times, shame on me.

Leftstream science is that of Michael Mann, where you don't publish your data so others can check to see if you're making mistakes, fudging, cheating, or just plain lying.  It's the science of Michael Bellesiles, making up data and interviews and then saying it all got washed away in a flood.  It's the science of Leonard Jeffries, inventing "discoveries" while doing "field work" that can't be disproven.  The gullible sucked up all this nonsense.

Initially came the scare stories on Kung Flu projecting, what was it, 2M American deaths?  A week later, that became 200K.  Wiser heads wanted to check the science, but it wasn't possible because leftstream scientists and establishment media felt insulted that anybody might question the integrity of Anthony Fauci.  Now we're all wondering why none of these numbers is turning up in the real world.  Obviously, it's because the "science" was back-of-the-envelope stuff all along.  Garbage in, garbage out.

So now the president relies on expert Anthony Fauci.  "What's the science say?" or some variation is the way it's often phrased, setting up Fauci as the arbiter of the Good, the True, and the Scientific.  After all, he bases his coronavirus opinions on "science."

Now that we know a little bit about whom it targets and takes, we can surmise that Kung Flu is no bioweapon. A  virus that 80% of the population doesn't even know it has, and that mainly kills the old and infirm, isn't much good as a weapon.  For a weapon, you want something that will take out the young and strong who could actually put up a fight.

Taking the Chicoms' word for anything isn't just naïve, but quite possibly dangerous.  The most damaging weapon in this crisis to date has been our own fear that has led us to kill our economy all by ourselves.  I submit that China's lying about its infections.  While we hunker down before this virus, China is ignoring it.  You can be sure that Chinese are sick and dying of CV.

At the same time, killing our economy is not the way to fight it.  We fight it with real science, and until we have a vaccine, we use whatever works to treat the symptoms.  To rule out treatments that have proven effective (hydroxychloroquine) for lack of FDA approval is just stupid.  The FDA has made lethal mistakes before; it's a bureaucracy whose legitimacy derives from the same corrupted science establishment earlier noted.

Guilty though China is in all this, its approach is correct: life as usual within China.  Don't let the Chinese spread the virus even more than they already have by flying all over the planet.  At the same time, killing the economy takes far more victims than suffering the virus. T hat's the bottom line.  Food riots can be envisioned, and shortages exacerbated by hoarding.  Civilizational breakdown is in the offing if we don't get back in gear quickly.

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